CF Mailbag: 10-28 Edition

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Happy Thursday fanatics. Your questions for this week’s mailbag were pretty upbeat compared to the last few weeks. It is amazing how much one win can refresh a fan base. You fanatics are like completely different people after a win.  Keep in mind that this is my office. Nobody likes to go to an unhappy workplace right? After 52-point losses to Oklahoma, my work environment is a nasty, nasty place. Instead of warm fuzzies, many of you are known to deliver cold pricklies in my direction. This has been a nice week. Thank you for that.

Let’s start this week’s mailbag off with a question from Cybyassociation.

Cybyassociation writes: Is there some sort of medication that could be applied to the majority of members of this board? It seems like this board has either extreme highs, or the lowest of lows, no in between. Can’t we just be positive all the time? Constructive criticism, not craziness?

CW: Can’t we all just be positive all the time? That makes me giggle. That would be nice but if that were the case, this forum would receive about a sixth of the traffic and I would be unemployed. This is a message board, not a nursery. Sorry man, but what you described is the culture of message boards. People don’t come to sites like this to read about how the team tried hard. They want hard-hitting, sometimes ridiculous analysis. I’m not saying that everybody is always right when they go off the handle after minor things, but it is the nature of the beast. I challenge you to find a high-traffic, passionate message board in America that keeps it positive all of the time. It isn’t going to happen. My advice to you is to make your opinion be heard. When you feel like some posters might be toeing the line maybe a little too much, let your very sane thoughts be known. That’s what makes boards so beautiful. Everybody has a say. Thanks for that well thought out question.

In addition to that, we have a great team of moderators that keep thing as respectful as possible all of the time. Here’s a big helmet sticker to that crew!

HerkyKiller writes: A lot of people are saying that Rhoads might take a different job in the near future. Namely a job from Pitt. What do you think?

CW: Anything that anyone is saying about Paul’s future in Ames is purely speculation and nothing more. You want my opinion though? I think that Paul will be here for a while. That is just a guess though. Iowa State has a lot going for them when you consider that Paul is from Ankeny and he considers this place home. I’d like to think that this is Paul’s destination job but really, who knows? Nobody knows other than him and I bet he doesn’t have a clue at this point in time. I don’t think that this is something Iowa State fans should be freaking out about. Just enjoy the success that Paul and his program are currently having. Obsessing over what could happen in the future isn’t good for anybody.

RINGCY writes: Bigger hit: Lattimer on Gilbert to essentially clinch the win over Texas –or– Cy on sideline reporter Jim Knox?

CW: Cy on Jim Knox by a mile. Yes, Lattimer’s hit clinched one of the biggest wins in program history but how many times have you watched Jim Knox on TV and wanted to knock him out? Cy released a lot of frustration on Knox on behalf of the Cyclone nation.

Here’s a question for you…What if Cy would have gone helmet to helmet with Knoxy? Would Cy have been suspended for the Kansas game?

Cyrocksmypants writes: There are two trains leaving Ames. One is going to Austin, TX at 60 mph and leaves at noon. The other is traveling to Lincoln, NE at 45 mph and leaves at 1:15. How far will each train get before Paul Rhoads picks them up and smashes them Godzilla-style?

CW: I appreciate the effort but I have to think WAY too much to answer this question. Next.

SuperCy writes: Am I the only one that finds the coaches call in show unbearable to listen to?

CW: Please elaborate SuperCy. Do you dislike the program because of the callers? It can’t be because of Rhoads and the Godfather (AKA, John Walters). Does Cyclone Jerry not do it for you anymore SuperCy?

GeronimusClone writes: Do you think Paul Rhoads hit his father coming out of the womb?

CW: No, but I guaranteed that Cecil was ‘so proud’ when Paul was born.

Clonomaniac writes: This is my first (ever) question to you: 4th Qtr, Texas just scored 2 TD in a row, only down by 1 TD and we don’t convert on 3rd down and 1. Now Texas’ offense takes over with 1 min remaining. Let’s say you are betting on this game. Do you bet on Texas to tie or potentially win? If not, why not? If yes, well we all know why… After all, we are Cyclone fans! (we have seen a 20-0 lead over a #17 KU team diminish in the second half in a hurry and AT HOME).

CW: I might sit up in the press box during games but I am one of you. Of course I would pick Texas to win at that point. History has a way of repeating itself you know? I’ve heard that somewhere…Let’s take this moment to thank the good football God’s for not torturing us this time…

Knownothing writes: Did we really just go to Austin and beat Texas? I was there but I still think I might be dreaming. Can you verify this for me?

CW: Verified.

CycoCyclone writes: What is Rhoads doing in practice this week to make sure we beat KU decisively? ISU must have an impact game and not be hung-over from UT.

CW: Read THIS BLOG to see what Coach Rhoads thinks about this game. In his mind, Kansas is about to play their best game of the season. Think about it this way too fanatics. In August, Kansas, like everybody else likely had this one circled as a big fat W. Obviously, things change throughout the course of a season. But my point is that in their mind, it is lowly Iowa State who they’re going up against on Saturday.

IcSyU writes: Who is the last person on the offense you’d want to have to try to tackle, and who is the last person on the defense you want trying to tackle you?

CW: On offense, it is Jeff Woody. That dude runs like a Mack Truck.

On defense, I would probably avoid David Sims at all cost. Sims isn’t the biggest cowboy in the rodeo but he’s probably the toughest. He’s the hardest hitter on the team. Plus, numerous people have told me that pound-for-pound, he is the strongest Cyclone on the current roster.

Wesley writes: Will KU become the next bottom dweller in the conference?

CW: I think it is way too early to label anybody as the next “bottom dweller” in the new league. This is Turner Gill’s first year. Give the guy a break. He didn’t exactly take over a wonderful situation. Kansas was playing in a BCS game not too long ago remember. Are you positive that Baylor will sustain their winning ways once Robert Griffin is gone? How will Kansas State do when Bill Snyder retires for a second time? Tommy Tuberville hasn’t blown anybody away at Texas Tech this year has he? I really don’t believe that there will be one inferior program that stands out below the rest in this new league on an annual basis.

Will MO beat NU?

CW: My guess is no. I’m going to pick the Huskers to win this one. I have a hard time believing that they’ll drop two in a row in Lincoln. Plus, Missouri’s mojo has to run out at some point doesn’t it?

Hindy writes: When JP extends Coach Rhoads Contract how many years will he get and how much money?

CW: Anything that I write is speculation. The only thing I know is that I hope it is for a long, long time.