Player Profile: Kenneth Lynn

By Trevor Enerson, Fan Blogger

What he is: According to the roster at, Lynn is a 5-foot-10 157-pound cornerback out of Kimball High in Dallas, Tex. His recruiting story was a little odd as he committed to Iowa State, then jumped to Kansas and then jumped back to Iowa State when his position coach left. His other notable BCS offer was Utah. Yay for BCS offers.

What he does: I think Lynn could be a very good cover corner. It seems that he has great instincts, great speed and good ball skills. I think he is a kid you could set up on the outside one on one or put him in zone coverage and he would be capable.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Lynn looks to have great speed and quickness with good ball skills. It’s awfully hard to judge his ability to turn on his limited highlight video so I will cautiously say his turn is sufficient based on the position he is in most of the time. He seems to have good tackling instincts, but he does not look to be a solid tackler. He will certainly need to improve there once he hits campus. I don’t see that being a problem after seeing what the staff has done with Jeremy Reeves.

What’s in store: Both corners in this class have the chance to get on the field right away. I think Lynn is perhaps a little better in coverage so I think he has a slightly better chance to get on the field this year. That’s not saying he will, but there’s a chance. Beyond that, I think the sky is the limit for him really. He needs to add some weight to be a great corner but all of the intangibles seem to be there. I would not be surprised to see him on all conference lists by the end of his career.

He looks to me like: A taller, more slender version of Ellis Hobbs. A great cover guy who won’t set record for tackles.


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