Player Profile: Quenton Bundrage

By Trevor Enerson, Fan Recruiting Guru

What he is: According to, Quenton Bundrage is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound wide receiver, who went to school at Manatee High School in Bradenton, Fla. He is a teammate of fellow 2011 commit Quintin Pompey.

What he does: As a high school wide receiver, it looks as though Bundrage did a lot of things well. He caught short passes and created. He was a deep threat and he even did some returning.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Quenton looks to have a very balanced skill set at the wide receiver position. It looks like he has good speed, all while being a fairly sizeable receiver.  As we look at receivers, we sometimes get caught up in size and speed and sometimes forget things like, being able to adjust and catch the ball. His highlight film doesn’t let you forget those things. Quenton seems to have very good body control with the ball in the air and he catches the ball with his hands pretty much every time. He looks like a guy that will very versatile on the field for Iowa State. I would like to see him add 10 or 15 pounds to his frame to aid in his blocking since Iowa State uses receivers to block so often. I can’t comment on his blocking technique as there isn’t anything on video showing it, but a lot of high school receivers need work in that area and my guess is that he is no different.

What’s in store: I think Bundrage will ultimately end up being an outside receiver for ISU. I think that his 6-foot-2 frame as well as his speed could provide a very useful deep threat and that his route running will also provide some consistency from the position. My hope, like with all recruits, is that Iowa State has enough guys to play the position that the program can redshirt him. If not, I could see him getting some spot duty catching some passes.

He reminds me of: This is kind of a tough one. I can’t think of an Iowa State guy who he reminds me of. Maybe R.J. Sumrall or someone who killed us, Desmond Briscoe. I think that Bundrage is just a very solid receiver who can do a lot of things well. I don’t see him being an All-Big 12 type player but I don’t think him being one of the better receivers we have seen here is a stretch either.


Cyclone Fanatic