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Three QB race headlines new depth chart

By Chris Williams, CycloneFanatic.com Publisher

I don’t do this very often, but here’s a guarantee.

Next week in Dallas at the Big 12’s media days, dozens of reporters will attempt to pry information from Paul Rhoads about his quarterback competition.

When Rhoads released his first depth chart of the summer on Wednesday, three men were listed as c0-number ones.

Jerome Tiller OR Steele Jantz OR Jared Barnett.


Really, this shouldn’t surprise anybody though. Rhoads told us at the end of spring ball that this thing would be wide-open come fall camp. He kept his word.

Being the publisher of Iowa State’s most popular fan site, I appreciate this. Traffic should be up during the month of August. Fall camp will be awfully interesting, as will media days next week in Dallas. Here’s a look at the rest of the depth chart.



Kurt Hammerschmidt, Jr.
Reid Branderhorst, Sr.
Ricky Howard, Sr.
Pierce Richardson, Fr.


Kelechi Osemele, Sr.
Carter Bykowski, Jr.
Jacob Gannon, Fr.


Ethan Tuftee, So.
Shaban Dika, Fr.
Bob Graham, Fr.

C –

Tom Farniok, Fr.
Sam Tautolo, Jr.
Ben Loth, Fr.

RG –

Hayworth Hicks, Sr.
Jon Caspers, Jr.

RT –

Brayden Burris, Jr.
Kyle Lichtenberg, So.
Zack Spears, Sr.

QB –

Jerome Tiller, Jr. -OR-
Steele Jantz, Jr. -OR-
Jared Barnett, Fr.

RB –

Shontrelle Johnson, So.
Jeff Woody, So. -OR-
James White, So. -OR-
Duran Hollis, Fr.

WR –

Darius Reynolds, Sr.
Josh Lenz, Jr.
Donnie Jennert, So.

WR –

Aaron Horne, Jr.
Albert Gary, So.
Chris Young, Jr.

WR –

Darius Darks, Sr.
Jarvis West, Fr.
Keith Blanton, So.


LE –

Jacob Lattimer, Sr.
Willie Scott, So.
Rony Nelson, Jr.

DT –

Jake McDonough, Jr.
Cleyon Laing, Jr.

NG –

Stephen Ruempolhamer, Sr.
Walter Woods III, -OR-
Brandon Jensen, Fr.

RE –

Roosevelt Maggitt, Jr.
Patrick Neal, Sr.
Nick Kron, Fr.


A.J. Klein, Jr.
Matt Morton, Jr.


Matt Tau’fo’ou, Sr. -OR-
Jeremiah George, So.


Jake Knott, Jr.
Jevohn Miller, Fr.
Floyd Matison, Fr.


Leonard Johnson, Sr.
Anthony Young, Sr.


Jeremy Reeves, Jr.
Matthew Thomas, Fr.

SS –

Ter’Ran Benton, Sr.
Earl Brooks, Sr.
Jansen Watson, So.

FS –

Jacques Washington, So.
Deon Broomfield, So.
Durrell Givens, Jr.


Ter’Ran Benton, Sr.
C.J. Morgan, Fr.


P Kirby Van Der Kamp, So.

PK Grant Mahoney, Sr.
25 Zach Guyer, 6-3, 195, Sr.

KR/PR Leonard Johnson, Sr.
Josh Lenz, Jr.
Shontrelle Johnson, So.

DS Dakota Zimmerman, Sr.
HO 8 Brett Bueker, Jr.