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Garrett goes undrafted, Hoiberg says he’ll have options

By Chris Williams, CycloneFanatic.com Publisher

Diante Garrett’s name never got called during Thursday night’s NBA Draft.

But according to Iowa State’s head coach and former Minnesota Timberwolves executive Fred Hoiberg, that might have been the best thing for "DG."

"I really think that this will work out best for Diante," Hoiberg told CycloneFanatic.com shortly after the conclusion of the draft. "There are teams who had one pick in the first round and he’ll have a much better opportunity to go in and make a team."

CycloneFanatic.com learned shortly after the draft that Garrett had already received free agent offers with guaranteed money from Phoenix, Cleveland, New Jersey and Charlotte.

Of course, a looming NBA lockout is just around the corner. It begins on July 1. That means that next week will be a busy one for Garrett.

"What some teams might do is bring in players who didn’t get drafted before the lockout happens," Hoiberg said. "They’ll get a little bit of a sense as to who the player is, give him some guaranteed money to come to camp."

What happens after July 1 is still a mystery.

Know that just because Garrett didn’t get drafted, doesn’t mean that NBA teams don’t like him. That’s hardly the case at all. In the mid to late second round, all sorts of variables are at play.

"He really did have a chance with a lot of teams but there were certain people who fell where they did in the draft. It just pushed another person in front of him," Hoiberg said.

"A lot of those teams late in the second round take a flyer on a young European kid one because they don’t have any roster spots. It doesn’t make sense to take a player here who doesn’t have a chance to make the team."

"He has enough interest from enough teams to make this a little bit of a bidding war for him. Hopefully he’ll get some guaranteed money to go to a camp and have a legitimate chance of making their roster."

CycloneFanatic.com will keep you updated on Garrett’s future going forward.


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