Tuesday Musings: 5-24

By Chris Williams, Publisher Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

I know. This is the second week in a row. Tuesday Musings? It has a horrible ring to it.

This my friends is what happens when Iowa State makes big time weekend news. Two weeks ago it was Georges Niang’s commitment. Last weekend it was Percy Gibson.

But hey, that is all good stuff. We’re not complaining here today at

To be honest, I got a lot off of my chest in yesterday’s Cyclone Roundup so this blog might be short. I do however have a few other things on my mind today. Enjoy.

Rumor has it…

…That Iowa State defensive tackles coach Shane Burnham is a bit upset with Tron Smith and me. If you didn’t see it, Tron and I laid the smack down on Burnham’s BBQ ability in last week’s "Talkin’ with Tron."

I’m honored that the Cyclone Gridiron Club asked the big man (Tron) and I to emcee their 2011 Coaches Cookoff at Coldwater Golf Links on June 11, but I’m a little concerned as to how this event might impact my relationship with many within the Iowa State football program.

Listen up fanatics. If Paul Rhoads’ BBQ sucks, I’m going to tell him that it sucks. That’s what Tron and I do. We keep it real. Thick skin coaches. Get ready. We’re coming at you.

Fanatics – Please come and support this event. For 50 bucks, you get an awesome meal, all of the beer you can drink and an opportunity to mix it up with the Iowa State football coaching staff. Think the CF Recruiting Party, summer edition.

Visit to sign up today. You do NOT have to be a member to attend.

Preseason magazines…

So I hear that the first preseason college football magazine of the season is out. Thank you Athlon! There’s nothing I love more than blowing these things up in the middle of May during my annual preseason college football magazine reviews.

I’m a big fan of Phil Steele. I like the Sporting News better than Athlon. I’ve never been crazy about Lindy’s. Stay tuned to CF for my reviews on all of the above in the coming weeks.

Do you remember back in the day when those magazines were critical to a guy’s college football knowledge for the upcoming season?

I love the Internet.

Bulls vs. Heat…

After becoming a near non-fact in the 4th quarter of Game 3, I’m concerned that Derrick Rose is going to try to do too much tonight in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

American Idol prediction…

I’m proud to boast to you today today that I picked the final two in American Idol when this season began.

What you have here is a spitting image of Josh Turner in Scotty and the next Miranda Lambert in Lauren.

My pick? It has to be Scotty. The kid is too charismatic to lose.


I’m very open about the fact that my wife has me hooked on ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette programs. (Insert your cheap insult here). Well last night was the season premier of the Bachelorette and even if you don’t care for the show, you’ll appreciate this YouTube clip. A 35-year old New Yorker named Tim got absolutely plastered on the first "date." Watch this video and then ask yourself how you’d like to wake up one morning and be that guy?