Player Profile: Oni Omoile

By Trevor Enerson, Fan Recruiting Guru

What he is:According to, Oni is a 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive tackle from Coppell, Texas.  Luke Wells says that Omoile has been clocked at 4.7 in the 40. That’s tremendous for an offensive lineman. Now here’s the interesting part. Get your thinking caps on for this. Omoile was born on June 24, 1993. According to my math, that makes him 17 years old at the time of his senior highlight video. He will barely be 18 when the season starts next year. Who knows where his body can go. He isn’t prototypical 6-foot-5 tackle, but he could end there because of his mobility.

What he does: From the video, I saw a guy with great footwork for a high schooler. He lined up at tackle for the most part and shows great ability to stay in front of defensive ends in pass protection and blow people off the line in goal line situations.  I was very impressed with his fundamentals. A lot of times with kids who are very talented, you find them to rely on their talent instead of doing it the right way. He seems to be very sound. I always find it very hard to judge offensive linemen but it looks to me he does very well with keeping himself balanced and not getting himself into poor positions that way.

Strengths/Weaknesses: At first glance, we may say that Omoile needs to add more weight. Scout lists that as his only downfall. In my opinion, if he adds 10 pounds or so, that will be sufficient speaking strictly in weight. Like any other offensive lineman or player in general, strength development as well as conditioning will be important. Paul Rhoads has talked over and over again about finding lineman who will be mobile. Iowa State wants guys who get to the second level. Oni Omoile is a guy that can do that. He possesses the quickness to get there and the strength to do something when he gets there. Athletically, I have to think he could hold his own put up against other prospects. One added note, Oni intends on majoring in Computer Engineering.

What’s in store: With the gushing from the staff on the current offensive linemen, I have to think Oni will redshirt in 2011. Give him a year to catch on and go from there. We all know the staff loves last year’s redshirt group of lineman. Oni will add to that competition in year two or three of his career. I think when you put him up against the guys who Iowa State currently has, he holds a higher amount of athleticism. I think when all is said and done we will be very happy with his career at Iowa State.

He reminds me of: Since in the past the Cyclones have recruited a different type of lineman, I can’t think of an Iowa State guy he reminds me of. From last year, there is a guy by the name of Patrick Omameh from Michigan who I think Oni will become very similar to. I think both are very effective in a spread scheme where picking up the second level is very important. Both may have trouble finding a spot on the Wisconsin line, but when you base your offense on speed, these type of guys are the ones you want.



Cyclone Fanatic