Spring game + prom = Saturday for Jevohn Miller

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Just how young is Iowa State’s second-string WILL linebacker Jevohn Miller?

After the spring game wraps up on Saturday, Miller will head back to Brooklyn for his senior prom.

Miller graduated early from BGM and has emerged as one of the programs biggest surprises this spring for Paul Rhoads. Miller entered spring workouts as a raw true freshman who should technically still be in high school. He’ll leave spring workouts as Jake Knott’s backup.

“He works hard and he wants to learn. He is one of those younger guys who you like to tutor and talk to,” said Knott. “He’s not cocky. He isn’t full of himself like some guys are who come in here and need a reality check.”

“It is kind of nice and refreshing to have a guy like that come in. He is athletic. He is big. He can really help our team out.”

It is now time to ask the most important question about Miller. Come Saturday, where will his head be? At the spring game, or at the prom? (That’s a joke for those of you who don’t sense sarcasm well).

“He has more things to worry about than prom,” Knott joked. “He’s got all of his classes and all of that stuff. I think that the whole prom thing is minute to him right now with the spring game coming up. That’s good. He has his priorities in the right spot.”

Paul Rhoads on Jevohn Miller’s spring

“It is so fun to have a player of his energy and personality. He is still wet behind the ears and is as green as the corn in the Iowa fields when it comes to learning the college game of football. He brings it every day. He comes in and apologizes every day for his mistakes. He is like a sponge. He wants to learn it all. He has been very productive. You can have all of the heights and weights and speed that you want but you have to be a football player if you are going to get on the field. He is a football player. He can line up, do the wrong thing and still make a play. Guys like that are always going to make their way on the football field.”