Basketball Blog: Thinking beyond 2010

By Chris Williams, Publisher

As of today, Iowa State will have 10 players on scholarship for the 2010-11 basketball season. That number could still go up or down in the coming weeks depending on multiple variables that could come into play. You’ll just have to stay tuned for that. Before I dive into the point of this blog, here is a quick refresher of Iowa State’s basketball scholarship roster for next season.


Melvin Ejim, F Jordan Railey, C Eric McKnight, F Antwon Oliver, G (RS) Calvin Godfrey, F


Scott Christopherson, G DeMarcus Phillips, G


Diante Garrett, G Jamie Vanderbeken, F LaRon Dendy, F

When doing some research this morning, I began thinking about what the 2011-12 roster might possibly look like after losing three seniors at the end of next season.

Here’s what it would be as of now, counting players on the current roster and one 2011 commitment.


Elgin Cook, SF


Melvin Ejim, SF Jordan Railey, C Eric McKnight, PF Antwon Oliver, G Calvin Godfrey, PF


Scott Christopherson, SG DeMarcus Phillips, G

So what are Iowa State’s main recruiting needs in the class of 2011?

By looking at the scholarship chart above, it is painfully obvious that acquiring help in the backcourt is an absolute must.

As it stands now, Fred Hoiberg’s staff will have five open scholarships to hand out in 2011. That number could grow to six if (I think when) something happens with Antwon Oliver’s situation.

Let’s just say that hypothetically, the coaching staff hands out all of those scholarships in 2011 (which I doubt they do). Then, the staff would only have two to give out in a stacked 2012 class, where Iowa State already has one commitment in Wes Staten. For the record, has not been able to reach Staten since Greg McDermott left for Creighton.

I’d like to see the staff sign a freshman point guard, along with a JUCO point guard in 2011. How about a couple of shooting guards as well? Stack that backcourt. College basketball is a guard’s game and to me, that has to be the focal point in Fred Hoiberg’s recruiting strategy immediately.

I fully expect Cedar Rapids Jefferson forward Jarrod Uthoff to be Iowa State’s top priority in 2011. The kid is blowing up nationally. He’s the type of player that Iowa State has to get with Fred Hoiberg at the helm. Hoiberg has to own Iowa’s top prospects becaseu I highly doubt that Fran McCaffrey will. Ultimatley, Iowa kids won’t win Fred Hoiberg Big 12 championships, but the right ones can certainly help his chances.

Jarrod Uthoff probably never saw the Mayor play growing up but chances are his close family friends and relatives did. This is where Hoiberg’s iconic stature in Ames will really come into play.

So what did we learn today?

Iowa State needs guards, guards and more guards in the 2011 and 2012 recruiting classes. Any questions?

I’ll be diving into those classes over the next few months here at CF.

A few more roster notes

The one thing that I really like about Iowa State’s young talent is their versatility.

Here are a few examples.

– DeMarcus Phillips is a true combo-guard. He can play three positions if needed.

– Melvin Ejim could play the four if he had to.

– Eric McKnight and Calvin Godfrey are power forwards but could give time at the five if they absolutley had to, specifically Godfrey, who is 6-foot-8, 240. McKnight is less of a candidate for this considering he currently only weighs 215-pounds, while standing 6-foot-9. Having a “true center” isn’t that big of a deal anymore though, especially if Hoiberg plans on speeding things up.