Women's Basketball

CF Mailbag: 2-17

By Chris Williams, CycloneFanatic.com Publisher

Happy Wednesday Fanatics! We’ve got a big night approaching in the world of Cyclone athletics. I don’t know about all of you but I’m bouncing off the walls here the afternoon. The women’s basketball team has the chance to pull of a huge upset at Nebraska. The men have a legitimate shot to snap another losing streak against Oklahoma State. I am pumped up. Let’s get everybody prepped for the big events with our weekly CycloneFanatic.com Mailbag.

Also, just so you know, I have omitted all of your LaRon Dendy questions. Sorry, but I don’t know what the deal is with him and frankly, his personal life is none of my business. I see no point in me answering three different questions about a situation that I really don’t know anything about. I do know that he is in Ames and that he’ll be suited up this evening against Oklahoma State. I do not know if he will play or not.

Let’s get started.

Cyphan writes: Any chance of an assistant being let go on the men’s BB staff? Such as Rutter being replaced by an assistant that can develop guards? Maybe Hornacek would come back as an assistant?

CW: To my knowledge, the odds of any of this happening are highly, highly unlikely. This is a very close staff and I will be shocked if Greg makes any sort of a move. Take how shocked I will be if a move is made and times it by 100 if Jeff Hornacek ends up on Iowa State’s bench as an assistant coach next season. Jeff interviewed with the Bulls in 2008, so I highly doubt that being an assistant coach at Iowa State is even on his radar.

Clones21 writes: What has been your most exiting Cyclone basketball game you have been to this year and why?

CW: I’d say the Texas game, simply because Iowa State had the top-ranked team in America (at the time) on the ropes. That doesn’t happen very often. The atmosphere was awesome that night. They didn’t get the win but it was still an exciting game. That’d be for the men. The women’s rout of Baylor on Saturday would definitely be my highlight of their season. For a certain period of time in the first half, it seemed like every shot they took went in. I love going to women’s games at Iowa State. I love the crowd, the players, everything. We are so lucky to have that caliber of a program in Ames.

Wesley writes: Will the women’s team outrebound the Huskers?

CW: That’s a random question. Usually people ask me if I think that a team will win. Wesley is rightfully concerned about the rebounding statistic. Well Wesley, let’s just look at the numbers for a minute. Funny you should ask about this. Iowa State leads the Big 12 in rebounding margin at +9.8 per game, compared to Nebraska’s +6.4. So yes, I’ll take the Cyclones to outrebound the Huskers.

ISUser writes: Will the ISU women continue the trend getting big wins in Lincoln?

CW: I’d love to think so but I just don’t see it happening. After the Baylor win on Saturday, Bill Fennelly talked about how good Nebraska actually is. Fennelly discussed how in his mind, the Huskers are clearly the second best team in America. I know that the Iowa State women have been playing some solid ball as of late, but none of us really think that they’re a top five team in America right now do we? Nebraska’s fan base has really adopted this team. It’ll be a hostile environment in Lincoln tonight. That shouldn’t really bother the Clones at all (they’re used to big crowds) but Nebraska will be jacked up to meet Iowa State. I think that Nebraska will win this game by anywhere from five to eight points. However, the last time these two teams met, Iowa State only hit two 3-pointers. They only shot 12, which is an extremely low number of attempts for a Fennelly coached team. So if the Cyclones come out and knock down 10 threes, we could be celebrating an upset at the end of the night.

WalkingCY writes: Pepper Jack or Swiss?

CW: I have three passions in life. They go in this order. 1) Family and friends. 2) My career. 3) Pepper jack cheese.

Any other questions?

Guitarchitect7 writes: So what’s the probability to get an ISU athlete to do a short blog on CF – for a month or two, or at least during the season?

CW: I’m not sure about that. I can’t see media relations being crazy about that in the middle of the season, especially if it isn’t on Cyclones.com. I can look into it but don’t hold your breath on something like this happening. Just being honest.

Yaman3 writes: What’s the word on the coupons? Also, how long until Bill Simmons gets a gig in the front office of an NBA team? I really think he could turn the Clippers around.

CW: Still working on the coupons. You crazies don’t give up do you?

As far as Simmons goes, the dude just needs to just stick to writing. He’s not a businessman. In order to be an NBA GM, you need to be a hardcore businessman. Simmons is a very good writer. There is a HUGE difference. I know that he is halfway kidding about this but does anybody else find it a tad bit arrogant? It’s all in good fun though. I love Simmons. But to answer the question, no, he won’t land an NBA gig.

Cycopath25 writes: Did you go to WWE last night? Who was your all time favorite WWF/WWE wrestler growing up and why?

CW: Yes, I went to RAW on Monday. My roommate and I had second row seats. They were pretty sweet. All in all, I thought that it was a pretty solid show. We got to see a lot of good wrestlers. Vinny Mac made and appearance. Bret Hart showed up. Jerry Springer was in the house. I was entertained.

My favorite all-time wrestler is easily The Rock. I liked him most when he was a heel. Some of the things that guy would come up with were just phenomenal. The Rock had it all. Charisma, the look, the talent…everything. I was also very fond of Hollywood Hulk Hogan during his WCW days. I was a big nWo fan. 4-Life man. Wow. I can’t believe that I am actually writing about this on CycloneFanatic.com. One of my dreams is to someday be a ring manager for somebody so I could get paid to simply go out there and run my mouth. Oh wait…that’s kind of what I do now!

SuperCy writes: I just caught about 5 minutes of Raw the other night. Was the Jerry Springer segment as brutal in person as it was on TV?

CW: I think that it was probably much better in person than what you saw on TV. We came back and watched it after we got home from the show. We were laughing out loud in person. On TV, I didn’t find it very funny. Here’s the thing though. When you’re talking about the WWE, you go for stuff like that. I’d much rather see that type of content than two guys pretend to beat the crap out of each other. You go for the show. Not the actual “wrestling.” That’s how I look at it at least.

Hopefully I didn’t just spoil the WWE for some Fanatic out there who still thinks that it is real.

4429 mcc writes: What are your thoughts on season ticket prices, too much, fair, not enough? What about Mini packs? Are you a Cyclone Club contributor?

CW: I think that “fair” is the perfect word to describe the prices. If you didn’t expect them to go up after a bowl win, you’re simply crazy or unrealistic. Honestly, they are actually cheaper than what I was expecting. I think that fans got an awesome deal here. No, I am not a Cyclone Club contributor, simply because that’d be a major conflict of interest with my job as a reporter.

How much does that video on cyclones.com get you pumped for next season?

CW: I cannot wait for spring football to get here. I love covering basketball, I really do. But a change of pace is always refreshing too. There are just soooo many positive things to write about in the coming months concerning the football program, it is impossible to not get pumped up. That video was awesome. As always, Cyclones.com did a great job of putting that together. Is there an athletic department in America that is better at marketing their product than Iowa State?

That’s another topic for another day, but I’ll touch on it now. Cyclones.com is a quality, quality website when you compare it to other athletic departments across the country. What they do on Signing Day is second to none.

CydTracked writes: How’s the list for your new "where is?" segment coming along? Any sneak peaks on who you’ve already been working on?

CW: Things are going well. The outpouring happiness with this segment has been incredible. I’m working on Jared Homan right now. I need to add a few more things to it before posting the piece sometime next week. I haven’t booked article number two yet. You’ll all find out as soon as I make some more progress. I do have a giant list made out though.

CylentButDeadly writes: I’m getting a keg for the first two days of the NCAA tournament. Al_4_state and others will be there. Can I count on you to make it…or at least pick us up after we finish the keg and drive us down to Hy-Vee so we can pick up another one?

CW: There is a much higher chance of me attending your little party to hang out than there is of me driving you and your posse around all day. Come on Cylent…what do you take me as man? I’m insulted that you would even suggest such a thing.

Knownothing writes: What bar is everyone going to for the first two days of the NCAA tourny and what one will you be at. I am thinking Hooters.

CW: Quick question for you Knownothing…Why would you go to Hooters when you could either go to 3-Bag (in Des Moines) or Es Tas (in Ames) to help support CycloneFanatic.com businesses? I mean, the support we get from bars like that helps bring this site to everybody for free. Just an idea.

Cyrevkah writes: Here’s a just for fun one: With the Amazing Race started up..who do you think will win, and how do you think you and your soon to be wife would do in this race?

CW: Honestly, I have never watched Amazing Race in my life. I did look it up though and from the looks of things, I would be much more willing to tackle such a project than my fiancée. She’s a bit on the shy side. I think that she’d appreciate the challenges but the whole television thing probably wouldn’t fly. I did run through the contestants though and I’m going to take Jet and Cord (the two dudes wearing cowboy hats) to take the title. Growing up in southwest Iowa, you learn very early in life to not mess with cowboys. So there you go, Jet and Cord are my pick.

Have a great day Fanatics!