Q&A: Darius Darks, 11-4

Here’s what Iowa State wide receiver Darius Darks had to say to reporters on Monday.

Is your offense healthy?

DD: I definitely think that you’ll see a boost in production. Right when we were finally starting to get into a rhythm and starting to understand things better against Kansas, we had some injuries. To get them back, I think that this will be one of our best games.

What are the differences in this team when Austen is the quarterback as opposed to when Jerome is the quarterback?

DD: Austen has a little bit more game experience. He is older. He probably has a better feel for the offense at this point just based on all of the experience he has in the game.

Do you feel more comfortable with him as the quarterback?

DD: He is one of our leaders. The games have shown that we have played better when Austen is there.

What kind of boost will you have this weekend, barring that everybody is healthy?

DD: It will be a different feel out in practice this week. This gives us the whole offense. That gives the whole team more confidence going into this game. Especially, this week, we need them back.

Is it good to be home again?

DD: Oh yeah. It seems like we have been on the road forever.


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