FAWcast: Road trip to interview “The Bachelor”

We take a break from sports today at CycloneFanatic.com to interview one of the biggest celebrities in the state of Iowa. 

His name is Chris Soules, of Arlington, Iowa. He’s known for his appearance on ABC’s popular television shows, "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette." Soules, an Iowa State grad, was also on "Dancing with the Stars."

What’s he up to now? What in the world was his experience like on that show? We talk to him about his time at Iowa State, why in the world he’s a Hawk fan and a whole lot more in this road trip installment of the FAWcast that as always is presented by Mark Charter Real Estate

NOTE: This is a very off topic podcast. If you’re looking strictly for Iowaa State fodder, stay tuned for that next week. 

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