FAWcast: Episode 224

Ross Peterson and Jared Stansbury join Mark Charter to discuss interest rates, testing in America, trivia, the NBA Draft and much more on this week's FAWcast presented by Charter House.

FAWcast: Episode 223

Listen to this week's FAWcast at your own risk as Ross Peterson, Jared Stansbury and Katie sit in with Mark to play a game of "What would it take." As usual, things go off the rails quickly.

FAWcast: Episode 222

Does Piglet from Winnie the Pooh wear a romper? More investigating of the "Gilbert gang." Discussing Iowa State's 3 p.m. kickoff vs. the Hawks and more.

FAWcast: Episode 216

Ross Peterson sits in for Chris Williams this week as the guys discuss flatulence, the merits of a bidet and much more on this week's FAWcast from Charter House.

FAWcast: Episode 214

The fellas discuss the recent week in Iowa State basketball. What will next year's roster look like? What should fan expectations be? This and more.