FAWcast: Episode 209

The guys dig deep on the burning question within Cyclone Nation: "What's wrong with Hilton Magic?" Plus, thoughts on Zion Williamson's conundrum and more.

FAWcast: Episode 206

Ross Peterson joins the guys and if you're looking for anything Iowa State related, this isn't the podcast for you. However if you want plenty of "other" stuff, check it out courtesy of Charter House.

FAWcast: Episode 205

The guys discuss the recent Fyre Festival documentaries that came out, a scary incident with Mark's daughter, Chris' recent trip to Waco and more in this week's FAWcast.

FAWcast: Episode 204

A controversial episode today as the guys debate if men should put down the toilet seat after urinating. Plus, thoughts on last night's huge win by the Cyclones over No. 8 Texas Tech.

FAWcast: Episode 203

As you would expect, Chris, Mark and Nic are all over the place in this week's FAW. If the off topic banter is what you want, you'll get it for the majority of this episode. The guys do touch on Cyclone basketball towards the end.

FAWcast: Episode 202

The guys are all over the place this week. From their views on religion to last night's win in Stillwater to the future of Iowa State football, we've got you covered in this week's FAWcast.