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Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by brokenloginagain, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Jul 25, 2006
    Anybody happen to catch the two games on Fox Sports Net - the win in pool play vs Serbia and the semi final loss to Russia? You really get a different perspective on these sort of tourneys from getting to watch the games.

    The Serbians were huge - and it was probably one of the most physical games I've even seen - it was barely basketball in the fourth quarter; elbows, hooking, hacking, you name it - it wasn't called unless the US was doing it.

    But the officiating in the Russia game in the fourth quarter was comical - really impressed the US team and Bo Ryan were able to restrain themselves and maintain their composure in the interviews after - I wouldn't have been able to myself. At one point, Da'Sean Butler (WVA) just put the ball on the floor and started laughing after he was called for a charge (the guy who fouled him was behind him on the play). Talor Battle got decked straight sideways and they called him out of bounds. Its really a shame the US lost to Russia - as they were in control the ENTIRE game and had a 10 pt lead going into the fourth quarter. Fischer drained a huge three - but it was waived off after the US was called for a moving screen - of course.

    Brackins played pretty good against Serbia but struggled against Russia - you can really appreciate how hard it is for the guys to get into a rhythm in the international game. Both Talor Battle and Corey Fischer are more scoring pt guards, and the US really lacked a floor leader, pass first type guard.

    And the fox sports net broadcasters were a complete joke - the guy (sean farnham ex UCLA bball player) couldn't even pronounce the US team guys, never mind the russians or serbians. And the female play by play was so hilariously bad - and then I realized it was an exUSC VOLLEYBALL player. I think she may be an intern at Fox....not sure I'd promote her to more bball!

    Hopefully overall it was a good experience for Craig - at the very least next time he's in Allen Fieldhouse, it will feel fair and balanced compared to the Russia game.....
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    It's on right now! And I'm watching it! Go CB!
  3. Haverhill

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    Looks like Craig had to break up a fight during a game.
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    Apr 10, 2006
    does anyone have a schedule of when this will be on? i keep missing it.

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