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    Hey Fanatics,

    Here's the latest recruiting scoop for the Iowa State women's basketball team. The Cyclones have hosted a pair of talented post players.

    Against No. 1 Baylor, Chatrice White from Shelby, Neb. was there to watch Iowa State. When Texas A&M comes to town on Saturday, Kelsey Lang (from the Woodlands, Texas) will be in attendance.

    White - a 2014 recruit - is wide open right now but she has offers from Iowa State, Iowa, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Drake and Michigan State.

    I caught up with White on Jan. 7 to get her thoughts on the Cyclones.

    CF: What interests you about Iowa State?
    WHITE: "I'm interested in Iowa State because it's close to home and it has a unique environement."

    CF: What do you know about Hilton Coliseum?
    WHITE: "I've heard Hilton gets really loud - Hilton Magic. It's crazy."

    CF: Have you gotten a chance to talk to Coach Fennelly and what did you think?
    WHITE: "I really like Coach Fennelly. He's a lot like my high school coach. There wouldn't be much of a change from high school to college."

    CF: How would you describe your game?
    WHITE: "I am a big post player who likes to play on the block and get good passes in."

    Here's a link to an Omaha.com story about White.

    Big Schools Flock to small-town star

    Iowa State is hosting another big-time player this weekend. Lang - who is 6-foot-4 - will be in Ames to watch the Cyclones take on defending national champs Texas A&M.

    Lang has been offered by Iowa State, Nebraska and Texas A&M. Baylor is also showing strong interest in the 2013 recruit.

    Here's a link to Lang's ESPN profile. Lang is ranked as the No. 13 best post prospect in the class of 2013.
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    Thanks! It can be hard to find WBB recruiting info, so any you give us is very appreciated.
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    Thanks! Much appreciated. Hope Bill and crew can pull a coup on these ladies
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    I would be happy if we could get one of them; two would be fantastic.
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    Thanks for the info - much appreciated.
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    Right, but there's typically not a lot of info there when it comes to what schools players are considering. Right now, Lang is the only 2013 (or younger) player "considering ISU" in their database when there are several other players in the database that are also considering ISU. They concentrate on player evaluation rather than actual recruiting with the exception of reporting known verbals/signings and keeping track of the players in their top 100.
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    after that game 10 to 1 lang picks t a&m over isu. pathetic game.
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    We can hope a couple of next year's signees were able to come to the game because of the long weekend and maybe get on the court a little with Lang:rolleyes:

    She should be able to add up that by the time she got here she could step right in and play. And hopefully, she doesn't want to be thug.

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