WBB: Recognition for Moody


Mar 14, 2011
In addition to announcements last week that Nikki is now on the Nancy Lieberman Award Watch List, Hays at ESPN gave her an honorable mention nod in ESPN's Weekend Wrap.

Congrats Nikki -- and keep it going!!


Honorable mention: Her team finished the week .500, but Iowa State guard Nikki Moody was a lot closer to 1.000. It wasn't enough to prevent a midweek loss at Oklahoma, but Moody totaled a career-best 30 points, five assists and just one turnover in 39 minutes against the Sooners. She either scored or assisted on 16 of Iowa State's 23 field goals. And that was the second-most involved she was on the week. In a win against West Virginia, still a difficult opponent even as it struggles, Moody totaled 14 points and 10 assists and either scored or assisted on 14 of the team's 17 field goals. To review, that's 40 field goals on the week, 30 of which Moody had a hand in.

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