The tale of Big 12 High

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    Big 12 High School

    -Big 8 High merges with SWC High

    -Kingpin and captain of the football team (Nebraska) gets upset about these new kids roaming the halls and power shifts to the south hallway (KC to Dallas)

    -Mizzou took over the top spot at RB last season and works all summer in the weight room (awesome record over the last decade) gets an inflated self-worth and flirts with the head cheerleader (Big 10), despite already having an attractive girlfriend in the captain of the dance team (Big 12, note: dance girls are hotter anyway)

    - Nebraska wants a piece of that cheerleader cause this may help them reestablish that social self-worth they've been lacking ever since the new kids came into the school. In predictable fashion, the cheerleader makes an illogical choice based on prior status and picks Nebraska instead of the up-and-coming Mizzou, who happens to live just down the street too, making it way easier to sneak out on the weekends (Travel for fans).

    - Colorado just transfers schools (PAC12) out of nowhere cause another school across town is upgrading the quality of education (more like football competition) to be more on par with others [... their best athlete (USC) got in a little trouble with the law (NCAA)]

    - Texas and his posse (Tech and aTm) think these new upgrades look pretty sweet but their parents (texas board of regents) wont let them because otherwise they have to leave their freshmen brother Baylor, to fend for themselves in the halls (of collegiate reallignment)

    - aTm, who used to be the starting running back but got demoted to 2nd string after their junior campaign (most of the last decade), works really hard the last two months of summer (last two season), and looks to be pushing for the starting spot.

    -meanwhile, Texas, who lost the starting QB roll in late season, has some generous grandparents (ESPN) just bought him a brand new 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible (Longhorn Network) in hopes that it will motivate them going into the season (note: this is for the stories sake, I don't think ESPN agreed to the LHN to help Texas restore itself to dominance, its obviously a mutually beneficial business move)

    - After years of scuttlebutt between Texas and aTm dating way back to youth football and little league with crap like who gets their name mentioned in the paper, all hell breaks loose between the two of them when the Camaro (LHN) is enough to lure aTm's ex-girlfriend (potential high school recruits in the state of Texas) to go on a date(televised HS games on LHN).

    - Just as things are about to get ugly between the two, the cops (NCAA) are called in and The school principle (Dan Beebe) step in and the whole date never even happens.

    - but the damage is done and aTm is ******. For crying-out loud, they should be the starting RB this year and though its been the starting QB (Texas) and Wideouts (Oklahoma) who have been making all the big plays over the last couple seasons, it was aTm who was making the big plays that won the games back in little league, and this is their time to shine once more. Plus with that new Camaro, there should be plenty of more dates (money) to come for Texas.

    - aTm isn't happy so they start talking to the big money private school in the town over ($EC). aTm sees this other high school has some really cute girls (money) and this could be their opportunity to get out of the shadow of the star QB and WR, so they transfer schools, not before his offensive line (KU, KSU, ISU, Baylor) have a few choice words (potential lawsuits) for being so selfish.

    - the drama seems like it should stop there but no, now Oklahoma see that the starting running back (aTm) is jumping ship, leaving Mizzou (RB) and the offensive line (KU, KSU, ISU, Baylor). Though decent OU isn't sure if its gonna be enough to be effective to help relieve pressure in the pass coverage (BIG12 stability).

    - after the struggles the starting QB (Texas) had last year and personal animosity towards them for getting the Camaro (LHN) also, OU starts looking at other schools (Conferences) too. Not to mention, they're twin brother OSU who is the other wideout, and though not as good has been a late bloomer, wants to go with.

    …too be continued (note: Tech is the teams tightend, though they aren't in the spot light often, they do break it down field for a big reception every now and then but for the most part are an extension of the offensive line)

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