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    Will Clyburn has been in for his official visit since Thursday. His mom flew in from Detroit to be part of it. His head coach (not John McIntyre, who is the assistant) drove him in. Coach said it was easier to drive than fly from Marshaltown, Iowa.
    He is a very nice, quiet kid. Very clean cut. Described as a gym rat.
    In his bare feet he is probably 6'4--6'5". He played open gym with our guys. This is the second time I have seen him play. He rebounds well for a thin kid. Very athletic. He can bring the ball up the floor and lead the break like a guard. He can slash to the hole. He has a good outside shot, not a great outside shot. He has good form, and the shot should get even better. Truthfully, he has a lot of the same skill sets as Tommie Lidddell, only he is stronger already. . Right now he would probably start as our 3-man. He presently is better than any of the freshmen. Remember, he is older, and this was the first day of scrimmage for the freshmen during their freshman year. He and all of the freshmen will get better, but the freshmen in general were playing like freshmen do--a little timid, deferring to the upper classmen. He is being recruited to play the 2-3 position.
    He is a priority recruit and we are in very good shape with him. Our main competition is Iowa State. I would not be shocked to get a verbal commit in the near future.

    THIS was from the SLU board
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    Is this a Groundhog's Day type of experience? Needlenose Ned anyone....

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