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Discussion in 'Football' started by Enginerd, Oct 24, 2009.

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    This post is absolutely absoulutely a personal attenion ***** post at its finest but I cannot resist some personal reflection:

    This game ranks up there with witnessing the Fizer shot over KU in Lawrence and Seneca crossing the goal line in front of me against TT.

    The fake punt was....errr is the best call I have ever seen in my history as a ISU football fan. That was not luck.

    If anyone wold have told me ISU would win in Lincoln in VB and FB @ Lincoln in the same week I would have bet them ANYTHING against it.

    We have the right FB coach. He wants to be here and unlike any coach with the exception of Bill Fennelly, I honestly believe in my heart he will not go anywhere for anything.

    I owe an apology to Jesse Smith. I have long been one of his biggest critics. His performance today. made me look like a complete idiot. I have never been prouder to be a complete idiot.

    This coaching staff this year has done a better job than any staff in my memory. The record is not the best ever but they are putting these kids in a position to win. This staff as a whole is remarkable. This is not based on today but the progression of the season. I love Dan McCarney but his staff never progressed a team like we have seen this year.

    Tiller and Scwartz were awesome but it's time to put to rest any controversey. All positions are up for grabs and AA an A-rob need to be pushed but they are the starters. On the flip side, there is no argument for Tiller and Scwartz getting some snaps EVERY game.

    The kicking unit must be overhauled. Open trouts for every position. No excuses. Every position is respondible for the failures of that unit. It is unacceptable. Special teams have long plagues ISU. I hope this staff finds a way.

    Last but most important, thank you to all the player leadership on this team. In a single game, I have never seen a team more resilient than this one. Let's be honest, ISU nation had every reason to give up about 10 times this game. My hat is off to them and they did better than I thought they would. I am sick of expecting ISU to be on the wring end of every situation. Thank you VB and FB for reassuring me that is a bunch of ********.
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