On That Note: Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow


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Jan 29, 2010
Welcome back to “On That Note,” CF’s weekly hub for music exploration, hosted by @MeanDean, @CycloneRulzzz and cyclones500.

This segment is adapted from a suggestion sent to us by @IsUaClone2: Songs with at least one compound word in the title. Lyrics alone do not count, nor do band names or album titles.

We’re fairly lenient for what is accepted, as long as (1) it fits textbook definition of compound (2) is fashioned as a compound word in the title (ex: “everyday” as adjective works; “every day” wouldn’t) and (3) is an actual word in somewhat common use (songwriters occasionally get creative and invent words).

I'll post 3 to get us into the compound.

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