o$u in deep do do with the NCAA

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Jan 30, 2007
Ames, IA
So this is basically a result of the Brad Underwood one season tenure before he skipped town. He brought Lamont Evans there from South Carolina and Frank Martin.
Pretty sure that's why K-State was happy to see Martin go, despite his success there. Makes me have some respect for K-State, although they did put up with it for several years, including the Huggins season when they somehow got Bill Walker and Michael Beasley to go to Manhattan, Kansas,

Frank Martin, Kelvin Sampson and Bruce Pearl. 3 guys that should have life time bans from the NCAA.


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Sep 10, 2009
I keep seeing these cheaters get caught but nothing happens....KU, LSU etc keep signing 5 star kids. I guess when you get caught cheating you double down at the table.
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May 16, 2013
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Frank Martin was hired by president Jon Wefald's administration in an attempt to keep Michael Beasley at K-State after Bob Huggins left Manhattan for WVU.

When Wefald was replaced as president and John Currie hired as A.D. in May '09, Martin's days were seemingly numbered. He moved in Mar '12 to USC,e after his tumultuous relationship with Currie ended with Currie's refusal to meet a Carolina employment offer. Bruce Weber was hired shortly thereafter.

Martin went to the Final Four with players including P.J. Dozier recruited by Lamont Evans. Dozier was mentioned in the ongoing FBI/NCAA investigation. Evans followed Underwood to oSu. And we see now the result of that move. Evans and Underwood were on Martin's staff at K-State and went with him to USC,e.
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