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Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by clonesfan11, Jul 3, 2018.

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    I think this more or less hits it. I grew up in Polk City, considered moving back both times we bought houses but there weren't any available, so we bought in Ankeny and now we're anchored here with kids in school. The commute from Polk City can be a PITA in my opinion.

    If I were you - working downtown, wife commuting north - I'd look hard at NE Ankeny, somewhere around or north of the 36th St interchange at I-35. The interstate accessibility is huge. And if you want the smaller North Polk schools, just buy a house north of NE 54th in Ankeny, which is the dividing line between the districts. (You could also consider Elkhart...small town, small school, very close to Ankeny.)
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    Agreed. They just put a stoplight in on 415 at 1st street. Well needed but they definitely are testing light timing schedules and need to get it figured out. No need to sit on 415 for a couple of minute in the evening with no one going east or west.

    Elkhart is part of North Polk schools, with Polk City and Alleman.
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    OP, I didn't see the length of time you were planning on staying. I know a family that moved just for the elementary school they wanted their kid to go to and the kid was in 3rd grade already. Moving into a different district for just a 2-3 year window doesn't see worth it to me (for elementary school). In addition, they were frustrated because of the lack of housing options. Each of your options offers +/- but it could help if you knew the strengths for the areas for the timeframe you will live there.
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    More nail salons, pizza joints, and stop and slurps per capita than any metro area city (but damn nice ones). Also getting a new "diverging diamond" interchange at I35 and 1st street. The plans remind me of the figure eight/demolition derby races. Missed opportunity for the biggest "Roundabout" in existence but whetever.
    Seriously, Ankeny has grown and changed so much but in a good way. It just depends on what you're looking for in the way of "convenience." Still a great place to raise a family.

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