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  1. Not sure if everyone in KC knows this but I did a search for Metrosports and did not find this info. Metrosports carries Iowa State football and basketball stuff.

    Metrosports on Cable channels:
    Time Warner Cable 30
    Comcast 44 in Missouri
    Comcast 68 in Kansas
    Sunflower 37 in Lawrence

    The Gene Chizik show is carried (9/7 2p, 9/12 8:30p) as well as replays of the Kent State game (9/7 1a, 9/12 2p), and so on.

    What this shows is that the times can change every week. Here is the website

    KConDemand.com - KC Metro Sports Programs and Schedule
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    Awesome...I didn't know that I could get any fill of Cyclone greatness in KC, aside from internet sources like CF.
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    You've helped two people...so now you've gone above and beyond...thanks.
  5. Continuous improvement is not just a slogan :smile:

    Boy I am having trouble concentrating today.

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