Iowa State Transfer/Recruiting Class 2024


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Apr 2, 2021
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Well who recruited Omaha to ISU............Steve Prohm? trusted the current coaches with getting Omaha just as you do now with any other recruit they get. So for you too think that website rankings mean nothing holds no more weight than you saying "I'll trust the coaches". Because as you can see.......per your example.......coaches can miss just as bad as website rankings.
And they didn’t play him once he got to campus because they discovered he was a bust. You’re not gonna not accept a 6’8 freak athlete who goes to HS 30 mins away
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Mr Janny

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Mar 27, 2006
What?! Please tell me this is sarcasm, a joke, April Fools, ..., something
He posted something a couple days ago saying "Don't lie to me" or something like that, and people are reading into it.

It's doesn't mean anything until it does. Speculating and fretting just gives you wrinkles and makes your **** smaller, according to my grandmother. I trust her, too, even though she got pretty wrinkled as she got older.

Always had a huge **** tho.
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