Going to Vegas next week

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Muzzy, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Muzzy

    Muzzy Member

    Jan 24, 2009
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    I'm leaving next Thursday. I've only been there 1 time about 10 years ago.
    One cool thing is I'm staying at the MGM Grand and they are playing the PAC 12 conference tourney there. I could go heckle Steve Alford.
    What is your favorite thing to do in Vegas and what should I not leave Vegas without doing? Btw my wife is going so hookers and blow are probably out.
  2. cycloneworld

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    Mar 20, 2006
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    NE Oklahoma
    I've been going 1-2 times per year for the last 10 and what I love about Vegas is there is something for everyone. So the question would be what types of activities do you want to do?

    There are shows galore, fine dining, gambling, pools, Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon excursions, you can shoot automatic weapons, rent fast cars, go skydiving, just walk around taking in the sites, etc, etc.

    The High Roller (observation wheel) opens this weekend I believe so that would be something new and cool, its the largest wheel in the world. Going to the top of the Stratosphere at night is really neat plus they have some extreme rides up there.
  3. Muzzy

    Muzzy Member

    Jan 24, 2009
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    I went to the voodoo lounge at the top of the Rio last time I was there it was pretty cool. Where should I watch the Cyclones play?
  4. mtowncyclone13

    mtowncyclone13 Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2012
    grundy center
    i'll be there then, too!

    we go every year and watch a lot of basketball, people watch, eat at some fancy places. there really is something for everyone there.
  5. zumbro clones

    zumbro clones Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    Southern Minnesota
  6. UNIGuy4Cy

    UNIGuy4Cy Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2009
    Polk City
    Was just there two weeks ago. Casino Royal has my vote. $5 blackjack and $1.50 beers if you arent gambling (free if you are obviously).
  7. canker2323

    canker2323 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2006
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  8. dmclone

    dmclone Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2006
    We always go with another couple. The last time we went me and the other guy went out for a day and did the following.

    Shot guns at Machine Gun Vegas (Had never shot a gun)
    Rented a 2012 Corvette Convertible
    Drove to in-n-out burger
    Drove out to the desert

    A few other things we've done on the last few trips that were fun:

    gambling downtown, going to the Hofbrau House, eating at Hash House A Go GO (bring an appetite), drink at the Pub at Monte Carlo, drink at the Peppermill, walk along the strip drinking beer, etc.
  9. cowgirl836

    cowgirl836 Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2009
    Depends on what your interests are, but here is what we liked best from when we went last year:

    * Mystere
    * Hoover Dam
    * Bellagio Fountains (seriously, I could stand and watch those all day)
    * The shopping at Caesar's and the Palazzo. Most of it was very high end (expensive!) stuff, but it was cool to see. There is some fancy stuff at the Aria too - like Harry Winston jewelry. Not stuff I'd EVER buy, but hey, it was neat to see.

    We tried several of the buffets, and honestly most of them were so-so to me. We had dinner at Del Frisco's and that was delicious. The best buffet, imo, was the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmo.
  10. cyflier

    cyflier Active Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    I am heading to Vegas tomorrow for work. I really wish I could postpone until the tourney starts.
  11. PlanoClone

    PlanoClone Member

    Mar 27, 2009
    Ankeny, IA
    Headed there for annual March Madness trip on 3/19. Haven't booked room yet as they are still about 3x what they have been in prior years. First two days are incredible and by Saturday I think people are somewhat burned out/hung over and it quiets down a bit. Can't wait!
  12. SplitIdentity

    SplitIdentity Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Gold and Silver Pawn shop.
  13. UNIGuy4Cy

    UNIGuy4Cy Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2009
    Polk City
    Went there, it was pretty cool. Smaller than it looks on tv. The guys were filming in the back.
  14. LutherBlue

    LutherBlue Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2006
    I don't get this, is your wife in some kind of 12 step program?
  15. mtowncyclone13

    mtowncyclone13 Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2012
    grundy center
  16. ou812zx

    ou812zx Member

    Jan 14, 2012
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    My $.02....I go to Vegas a couple times a year....I do not gamble, but always have a great time.

    Bellagio fountains....at night, during the day....both good.
    Roller coaster at NY NY....I prefer at night.
    House of Blues in Mandalay Bay....always cheap entertainment there
    Fremont Street...at night...cheap food and drinks. During the day it is kinda rough (lots of bums)
    Hoover Dam is pretty cool. Not a long drive to see.
    Hard Rock Casino has a ton of great displays if you are into music. Totally free and cool to check out.
    Get a pass to ride the tram behind MGM. Cheap and will save your legs. Cabs arent too bad either if you go off the strip.
    Dicks Last Resort in Excalibur is cheap fun....inexpensive drinks and ok food. Is fun with a group.

    I would hang out in one of the off strip bars/sports books to watch ISU there. You should be able to find it on a big screen and it should not be too crowded. Call around or just ask the folks there.

    Gold and Silver Pawn is not worth stopping by....tiny place, tons of people and no real reason to waste your time there. Its on the way to Fremont from the strip, so take a photo and move on. Fremont is seedy during the day....the casinos off the strip are less crowded and have better food and drink deals.
  17. SWCy13

    SWCy13 Active Member

    Nov 14, 2011
    If you're into craft beer and great food make sure to hit up Aces & Ales. They have two locations but neither are on the strip, but it's worth the trip to just take a cab from your hotel there. I've been to the original location but they just opened up a new brew pub location this last year that looks bad ***. Seriously an unreal beer selection and the food is some of the best bar food I've ever had.

    Also, one of the co-owners is from Iowa so they will most likely have the ISU games on if you wanna watch them somewhere.
  18. ZJohnson

    ZJohnson Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2006
    Snottsdale, AZ
    There was a thread about this yesterday for those going in two weeks...that is when I will be going. Staying at The Orleans. Great place off the strip for betting and watching bball.
  19. KnappShack

    KnappShack Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2008
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    I was there a couple if weeks ago. Friends dragged me into the Cirque du Soleil - Love show. I'm down with Beatles music and the timing and athleticism was off the charts.

    If you want to go gritty Vegas I always hit up Atomic Liquors by downtown. Anthony Bourdain did a show from there once.

    That Pawn Stars place isn't worth a trip. The Stratosphere is a dump. The Riveria is too, but they practically give away Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Fremont Street has more grit, but I'm from Burlington so I enjoy some danger with my vacation

    Hard Rock had the drum kit from my first concert on display. Pretty sure no one has been more excited to see the drums from the Styx - Kilroy Was Here tour
  20. CycloneSupt6

    CycloneSupt6 Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    Asst GC Supt
    Sounds like Vegas is the place to go. My wife and I are headed there next wkend. Only plans so far is renting a car and driving to the Hoover Dam.

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