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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by twojman, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Does anyone on this site do direct stock purchasing and or dividend reinvestment plans rather then using a brokerage?

    My wife and I are talking about investing directly in a couple of different companies and I thought this may be a good inexpensive way to build shares in companies over the long haul.
    Wells Fargo offers this service

    Another company is Computershare

    There are some fees associated with this and it varies based on the company. Some do not charge for reinvestment of dividends, some do. Other charge a montly fee, usually $1 for month for reccurring investments.

    Anyone have good stories, bad stories or hints or clues on this?

    I currently have an account with Charles Schwab but with daycare for two kids still in diapers and one on bottles taking a huge bite out of our after tax income, buying large chunks of shares is not always feasible.
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    the thing you have to be wary of with buying direct could be the time from sale order to the time that it makes it to the floor. this process can far longer than you may expect....and could cost you.

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