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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hiltonmagk, May 16, 2018.

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    So I'm taking the family down to Destin. This will be our first trip there, so I thought I'd see if any fanatics had any recommendations for things to do or places to eat. I'm going down with a large group with kids of all ages, but will have some adult time as well. We are planning on renting a boat for the day to cruise out to Crab island, but other than that and the beach we have no plans.

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    Burrito Del Sol and get the fish of the day tacos. Awesome local place and reasonably priced. We hit that up several times both times we were down in Destin and gosh dang it I'm getting hungry for it again thinking about it.
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    AJ's Seafood on the strip is a cool place...expect a bunch of people though all through that area. Burrito Del Sol is about a mile down the strip from AJ's...can vouch for that too. Sextons Seafood Market is almost next to Del Sol...they will ice pack shrimp for you to take back to Iowa...a bit pricy, but the only place to get Ruby Red Shrimp.

    If you are only doing Crab Island via boat, get a pontoon boat...have coolers to put your beer/soda into and pack lunch fixings/chips/etc. Bring Frisbees, footballs, other rec devices. The Crab is the only place you will see crappy rusty pontoons mixed in with 50 foot yachts.

    For activities, consider taking everyone on a 4-5 hour open party fishing boat...the Destiny Princess is a 65 foot catamaran where it costs about $60-$80 per person. They clean any fish you catch (nominal fee) and pack it for you. Even if you don't fish, it is a nice trip out into the gulf.

    Obviously, the beach is always available for exploring...and plenty of beach cabana bars for the adults in the evening.
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