iowa state

  1. B

    All FB coaching rumors and speculation

    Have heard rumblings that Campbell is leaving ISU after this year and is interested in the UW and USC jobs. Hope it’s not the case, but I have noticed he’s seemed less passionate on the sidelines this year than in prior years
  2. S

    2020 Iowa State Women's Soccer

    Per Pollard, tomorrow there'll be a release for plans for fans at Iowa State Volleyball and Iowa State Soccer. It sounds like these sports will have fans but not charging for tickets? Commonplace for Iowa State soccer. They don't normally charge for entry. Games are Friday nights as follows...
  3. werdnamanhill

    ISU Archives Film: 1960 Football Season

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen this short film detailing the 1960 season, but it is the perfect combination of fascinating, cheesy, and informative. Part 1: Part 2:
  4. Connor_Ferguson

    Ashley Joens on ESPN Top 10 List

    Joens comes in as the No. 5 ranked player in College Basketball for next season, according to ESPN's Graham Hays. She certainly has the stats for it.
  5. J

    Looking for C4 parking pass VS TCU

    Looking for a C4 parking pass against TCU!!!
  6. ou812zx

    Article on college QB matchups (Brock Purdy mention 2x)

    kind of a fun read....
  7. cyclonefan_1

    31 Years Since and Never (Yet!)

    Iowa State has only defeated one Men's Basketball National Champion in the year that they won the tournament. This came by defeating Kansas in 1988 in Hilton Coliseum two and a half months before the Jayhawks won the the National Championship. If Texas Tech wins the National Championship...
  8. J

    Paying for Iowa State

    I'm going to be a freshman next year and I've narrowed it down to Iowa State and Mizzou. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, so I have to pay for out of state which makes Mizzou cheaper already. On top of this, I have to apply for the Evan's Scholarship at Mizzou, which covers all expenses at Mizzou...
  9. prosenfels18

    I swear if Campbell gets Poached

    Alright guys. The overwhelming majority of us are supporters of what Matt Campbell has done with our football team this year from the talent brought in, to the team discipline. Now, it really PO's me when I see a twitter article about how Nebraska is in the hunt and Campbell is just gonna walk...