1. B

    All FB coaching rumors and speculation

    Have heard rumblings that Campbell is leaving ISU after this year and is interested in the UW and USC jobs. Hope it’s not the case, but I have noticed he’s seemed less passionate on the sidelines this year than in prior years
  2. S

    2020 Iowa State Women's Soccer

    Per Pollard, tomorrow there'll be a release for plans for fans at Iowa State Volleyball and Iowa State Soccer. It sounds like these sports will have fans but not charging for tickets? Commonplace for Iowa State soccer. They don't normally charge for entry. Games are Friday nights as follows...
  3. cyclonefan_1

    31 Years Since and Never (Yet!)

    Iowa State has only defeated one Men's Basketball National Champion in the year that they won the tournament. This came by defeating Kansas in 1988 in Hilton Coliseum two and a half months before the Jayhawks won the the National Championship. If Texas Tech wins the National Championship...
  4. Ms3r4ISU

    Switching sidelines next Year

    This is from an email message just sent out from Jamie Pollard to "Cyclone Nation": Due to several significant competitive and operational issues, Coach Campbell has requested that we switch sidelines with the visiting team. Although that may not appear to be a significant change, we do not...