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  1. Taz4President

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Saban is pretty serious. His teams seem to do ok.
  2. Taz4President

    Google Fi and iPhone

    Yup! Switched from AT&T about 6 months ago and no issues. Just a couple easy settings changes after installing new SIM. Bill went from $80 to ~$35. No international roaming charges is an added bonus that sadly COVID has not allowed me to test.
  3. Taz4President

    "simple" electrical problem cant solve

    Likely this. When you’re stuffing everything back in the boxes it’s easy to push a ground against a hot terminal especially since the ground isn’t insulated. Push the ground wires into the boxes first so you can position them well up to the back of the box and then position the hot and neutrals...
  4. Taz4President

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist don’t hate racism?
  5. Taz4President

    Iowa fans rubbing in cyclone fans faces how many get drafted..

    This -> Finishing ranked in the top-15 every 3-4 years and the top-25 every 2-3 years doesn’t match w/ this -> Iowa has put more kids into NFL than all but like 4-5 teams. Seems like that many NFL picks is blue blood level and would translate into conference championships and a natty or two.
  6. Taz4President

    Blue Blood Notre Dame

    If you’re playing at this level, you’re talented and love the game and you want to win so I have a hard time believing a well coached team wouldn’t care about playing to win and just not give a crap after a season of working your ass off. I do think the team (ND) could have the attitude that...
  7. Taz4President

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE VS Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Let’s go Cyclones! Take down the purple kitties!
  8. Taz4President

    *** Official #22 Texas VS IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I live in Austin. UT fans definitely have a superiority complex yet a complete lack of accountability that they’ve been mostly irrelevant for the better part of a decade despite money and recruiting advantages. I’ve lived here 20 years, they’ll never respect a program like Iowa State. Makes this...
  9. Taz4President

    An invitation to Cyclones coming to Morgantown

    Much obliged, sir. See you Saturday.
  10. Taz4President

    ISU opens -2.5 vs TCU

  11. Taz4President

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    Why are ‘we’ the ‘better’ team? We have a bigger stadium? We have a better fan base? We’re just ‘better’?
  12. Taz4President

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    My bad. I appreciate your likeminded-ness!:)
  13. Taz4President

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    The final score says otherwise. Would you like to go on record and give ISU a participation win? Maybe the team could wear ‘we’re better even though we lost’ shirts - it would probably be motivating!
  14. Taz4President

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    You don’t get the take? If they’re not very good then ISU isn’t either considering they just lost.