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    Calling plumbing experts

    Just replaced my 40 gallon power vent last month for $1650 installed. Went with Bradford White as it is American made. Most of the big box heaters are crap.
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    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    Some mid-major with a marginal program in the southeast will eventually hire him. Steve is financially set for life so he won't have to find a big contract. He'll continue his coaching style of recruiting highly talented guards and tell them--- 'just go make a play'.
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    ***2022-23 NCAA Mens Basketball Thread***

    As long as we can get the recruits out of Wisconsin that we want, and they continue to beat TOE, I really don't care what Bucky does.
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    ***2022-23 NCAA Mens Basketball Thread***

    Watching the WV at OU game and they are probably less than 20% capacity. Tons of empty seats three rows off the court.
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    MLB: ***2022 MLB SEASON THREAD***

    Starting the Twins season on March 31st is a joke to begin with. At least try to get out of the snow season.
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    Senior night

    I can see Jaz coming back and then playing pro ball in Europe.
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    MLB: ***2022 MLB SEASON THREAD***

    Shaving off the first twenty games would be no loss, IMHO. A 142 game season would be plenty.
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    Brockington draft stock

    Watching OU's Reeves start for the Lakers last night had me thinking IZB can easily play significant minutes in the League.
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    Twister Sister Summary - Another thrashing at the hands of Baylor

    Smith secured her #1 pick in the draft with a career game, and while we had some open 3s, Baylor made the sisters very uncomfortable on many of them (hence the rhythm comment by the OP) and they couldn't hit anything. Ball game.
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    Ashley Joens Future

    Based on Ashley's reaction when returning to bench after fouling out, she looked liked a player who was realizing this was her last game in Hilton.
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    ****Official Class Of 2023 Recruiting Thread****

    Who knows? Sure, he could be over the top ISR side, but he also brought a lot of recruiting information to CF that the average poster does not. I'd love to see him return someday.
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    Latest Bracketology

    Not bad. UCONN and Marquette might a spot or two too high.
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    NET Rankings are Flawed

    But JP can say when TOE is being discussed-- "You want to seed them where? We beat em by 20."
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    Got to Like the Attitude

    Where would Swiderski rank for the recruits Dresser has brought to Ames?
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    What’s going on with Jackson and Enurana

    Don't forget the 'our players are tired' crowd. Bottom line, TJ is playing the guys he and the staff thinks gives us the best chance to win. I'm glad to see Jaz starting and Walker now getting some minutes to show what he can do.