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  1. ESciGuy

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***
  2. ESciGuy

    Fans on the 12th or not ?

    Come on, Chris -- get with the times! Should be more along the lines of, "COVID-19 + guy breathing heavily three inches from my face ..."
  3. ESciGuy

    Bigger Impact on college Football, COVID or Racism?

    Huh? The Champions League match in Milan on Feb. 19 basically was the genesis for the massive spread throughout northern Italy and Spain.
  4. ESciGuy


    Gotta disagree here. It was quite good at first, but Hawkeye's preachiness became overbearing. And the finale sucked! Had tickets for TP & the HB's, with Nick Lowe opening. Scheduled for same night as MASH finale, pre-DVR days. Initially to be in Hilton, then moved to CY Stephens as ticket sales...
  5. ESciGuy

    Get your stimulus check payment

    I was getting the "Cannot determine eligibility" message until today, when it prompted me to enter my bank information. (I owed in 2018 and have not yet filed for 2019.) When you enter your AGI and refund/payment from your most recently filed return, truncate to the nearest dollar -- don't...
  6. ESciGuy

    Smoker Questions

    Answer: Marlboro 100's
  7. ESciGuy

    *** Official IOWA STATE Vs Texas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Hey! I earned two degrees from UT-Arlington. Its student newspaper is The Shorthorn. Let's not disparage a fine institution ;)
  8. ESciGuy

    **2019 College Football**

    Uggh ... the first click for me yielded Iowa :eek: then OU, Texa$, Kentucky. The Big 12 is back, baby!
  9. ESciGuy

    Winter Storm: Thanksgiving Week Edition

    Shaking my **** head?
  10. ESciGuy

    Tesla Cybertruck

  11. ESciGuy

    Winter Storm: Thanksgiving Week Edition

    You're shitting, right? Where in the world would this chicken (or you) get KBS? Or are you (or the chicken) made of greenbacks?
  12. ESciGuy

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Oregon State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I'm watching with a free trial of Vidgo
  13. ESciGuy

    *** Official Okie Lite Look-a-Like Thread***

    The photos should be reversed, but yes -- Cowpoke is definitely modeled on Bandit.
  14. ESciGuy

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread *** Items 1 & 2 would be identical for all three teams (1-1 round robin, all lost to OU and beat everyone else). So Procedure 3 (scoring differential among tied teams) would come into play. ISU losing by only 2 to BU helps us, but impossible to...
  15. ESciGuy

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    How has this **** head not been banned years ago? I thought Knownothing had the most ironic username here, but obviously I was incorrect.