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  1. dirtyninety

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    At the end of the day........
  2. dirtyninety

    Football and Men's Basketball Media Guides

    Media. I do like those 2001, 2002 football media guides with the winning streak jumping off the page.
  3. dirtyninety

    Will 2020-2021 Season Happen?

    It depends.
  4. dirtyninety


    Dude....I am with you on this......I am taking a trip and every day it seems like it is time to get back in the bunker. Colorado restaurants were open so I heard two weeks ago. If you are on a mountain trail and there is noone within, oh, say 3,000 feet of you, you may pull your mask down.
  5. dirtyninety

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Ban all stuff. Comply. Be obedient. It is all under control. You are allowed to sing "Imagine" though.
  6. dirtyninety

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I wonder if Robot Yandex or Robot Proximic is more likely to destroy us?
  7. dirtyninety

    Recruiting 2021

    I would contact trace everyone in that video...including the hands holding microphones.
  8. dirtyninety

    Tee shirt Idea for Iowa Fans

    I think just a white t-shirt would be good. I think that was Nebraska's bowl game t-shirts the last two years though.
  9. dirtyninety

    "simple" electrical problem cant solve

    Good Luck. I share your electro-ignorance. I've done this before too....exactly what you are doing but I had someone help me....I was just tieing pigtails.
  10. dirtyninety

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I'm at least resolving to skip all Zoom meetings and "Imagine" sing-a-longs.
  11. dirtyninety

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Imagine there's no heaven....its easy if you try. No Hell below la la la....... Kick it.
  12. dirtyninety

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    What is the deal with people putting their dog poop in a bag.....and then leaving the bag at the edge of the trail or the trailhead or whatever? Is that a thing people think is OK now? I do not get my fellow continental North American squatters anymore. If you have a bag of $hit...human or...
  13. dirtyninety

    Memorial Day Under Quarantine?

    You could go by one of the many flag displays at veterans' monuments and/or cemeteries and observe the meaning of Memorial Day and teach the next generation. The State Capitol in Des Moines is basically a big Memorial built by the aging survivors of the Civil War to their fallen comrades. It...
  14. dirtyninety

    Big 12 okays football June 15th

    anti-science. I just wanted to be first replhy
  15. dirtyninety

    OT: New Tenet trailer

    Good. It looks not boring. I always laugh at Kenneth Brannagh accents...but he is a good actor..he pulls it off. I am not sure why it amuses me. This or Bond will be my next theater purchase.