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    Anyone converting to Roth while market is down?

    Yes. Wish I had the insight to start one when I was 18.
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    MLB: ***2022 Minnesota Twins***

    So are the twins going to pull this one out tonight?
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    How many of these places have you visited?

    Only 5 here Disney World, Vegas Strip, Chicago River, River Walk, Alamo, Mall of America
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    MLB: ***2022 Minnesota Twins***

    It’s sad how terrible that city has become. My sister was there last week and somebody tried to pick pocket her.
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    MLB: ***2022 Minnesota Twins***

    Was that game against Cleveland? If so, I was there too.
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    Akinshilo Commits

    Similar situation to Josh Knipfel No???
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    Best Web Browser

    No I mostly used either chrome of safari
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    Best Web Browser

    Just downloaded brave. I’m really liking it so far.
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    2022 Stock Market

    I couldn't agree more
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    Westworld Season 4 trailer

    Didn't like season 3, and not interested in trying season 4.
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    Electric Lawnmowers - Pros and Cons

    My neighbor just got one. It took him 2 days to mow his less than quarter acre lawn. He’s retired and bagged his clippings too if it counts.
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    Dead Bird in Toilet Bowl

    I had a starling get stuck in my drier last spring, but this is a better story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Ex-Clones at other schools

    Isheem and scates are the only 2 on this list that I think have a chance to make the nfl