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  1. CyCrazy

    Tennessee cleans house

  2. CyCrazy

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

    Alot more than Fran has ever done.
  3. CyCrazy

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

    Um Fran hasn't proved anything in 10 years? What else do I need to tell you?
  4. CyCrazy

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

    So what, its been 10 years. Jfc you dolt. I am not saying csp is good but my god. One good year and you fluff your feathers. 9 years of suck would bother me more.
  5. CyCrazy

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

    Wtf hs Fran won? A play in game?
  6. CyCrazy

    The Fran fade

    This is so stupid and beneath you. You guys were pounding your chests about OSU and the B10.
  7. CyCrazy

    Hoiberg has Covid

    Ya he is a sh*tbird.
  8. CyCrazy

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Probably its been going on for 2 decades.
  9. CyCrazy

    The Fran fade

  10. CyCrazy

    The Fran fade

    I had no idea but I have watched little to none cb this year since we suck.
  11. CyCrazy

    TV Buying guide

    Bought a Walmart brand 55 inch tv, the picture is awesome. Going to Hulu live with ruku as soon as the mediacom has its final payment, no point in dumping them till I get everything out of them I can.
  12. CyCrazy

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

  13. CyCrazy

    ISU Season paused indefinitely.

    At the Y, with old men in knee braces and rec specs.
  14. CyCrazy

    Eagles appear to be targeting Lincoln Riley

    OU or Philly, seems like an easy choice to me.
  15. CyCrazy

    Woodworkers Thread

    Try a small grinder bit you can put in a drill.