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  • Hey, believe it or not I was through Thermopolis friday and again I live down in Rock Springs and occasionally drive the Western Wyoming CC teams to games and meets on weekends. Took the wrestling team up to a meet in Powell this weekend early friday and back late last night. How do you like Thermop? Long way from
    Doing fine. Cubs will be back in the playoffs next year, cardinals will be watching them on tv again. Cubs have got to get a LH power hitter and get rid of Soriano, he pisses me off.
    He Kevin, look at my posts below. What do they say? TALK TO ME IN SEPTEMBER!!!! WHERE YOU AT NOW!?!?!? HAHA!
    I really was only going by those two pics... I haven't seen her other than that. My opinion may be a little uninformed. :)
    Maybe I'm just super-picky about my women... :wink: In that post with two pics of her, the first one is just not good. The second one is good, though!
    I'll work on it... as soon as I get that dang song out of my head. It's freaking infectious!!

    ("F-R-E-E... that spells 'free'.")
    Talk to me in September when the cubs are in first and the cards in last with Pujols out of the year.
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