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  • I'm confused. This pathos you feel; is it for me or the spoiled little ***** turncoat who threatens police officers and runs down ISU because they fired her LOSER daddy?

    You must be a real badass behind your computer screen. In the future maybe you'll have the balls to put it on the board for the rest of the CycloneFanatics to see.
    Of course we have computers in KCK. You ever hear of a Commodore 64? Uh huh, thats right. Read em and weep bud. We got all the neat stuff.
    I'm sorry you disprove of my avatar but I'm sitting at 8 and 1 for positive comments. If you really desire socialism there is always Europe and Canada:wink:. All kidding aside you should relax, I'm sure you freak out when comedy central makes some disparaging remark about a conservative:skeptical:. Just remember we are all members of the Cyclone family... GO CLONES!!!
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