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    Great cover songs

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    How good we Jerry Moses?

    I was to young to remember him playing but worked with him a bit at Hy—Vee in Waterloo when I was in high school. Nicest guy you could ever meet.
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    I'm on board and excited about seeing what staff and recruits he can bring here. The first time he calls a timeout after a made 3 though, I'm jumping ship
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    Bourbon Help

    I’d assume you can get Cedar Ridge or Cody Road in Chicago. I might be wrong but I think I’ve seen it there before.
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    KU Game Roll Call - 11/3/2018

    Have 10 of us in section 3 but plan on moving/going to where I see the most Cyclone fans
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    KU Tickets

    You can usually sit wherever you want. We did a few years back and plan on doing that next weekend too
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Henry McKenna BIB. Very good and not that pricey
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    Who is the greatest Cyclone of all-time?

    Greatest impact on me, Jeff Grayer. Greatest impact on ISU, I think you could go with Fred or Niang.
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    Favorite acoustic cover

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    Favorite acoustic cover

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    Jerry Moses has passed away

    Worked with him at a Waterloo Hy-Vee back when I was in high school. Nicest guy you could ever meet. Great smile, great laugh and great person. RIP
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    Iowa Basketball Recruiting

    I see they had more fans there than at Carver. What's not to love?
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    Where were you born?

    Allen Hospital.....Dirtyloo
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    ***Official Texas vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Do they ever get called for holding????
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    ***Official Texas vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Complete Game. So much fun to watch