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    Should you have to be “knowledgeable” to be considered a fan?

    That's a simple and good way of summarizing it! Same could apply to fans of music/ can be a fan...some will know every detail about a band, some just enjoy the music.
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    Note to Naysayers, cynics, skeptics. Don't bother reading.

    I won't be 100% accurate with this, but I recall Heacock saying on a podcast that he see the punt as one of the best offensive plays (i.e. you don't score every drive, so its a 40+ yard play (again, not exact works he used, but a counter argument to why punting is good for overall game)
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    Updated “Way Too Early” Rankings

    Great points.....and ultimately we did great last year and bring back almost all of our this is a 'cliche' "prove it" type season.....which is great....a top 10 team SHOULD win most games/all home games, etc.
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    Updated “Way Too Early” Rankings

    Seeing iowa as a top 15 means we have to come out and act like a top 10 team right away. Yes, can win the big 12 still of we lose, but beating a decent ranked iowa would justify these pre season rankings and get the kool aid flowing even faster!
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    Undrafted free agents

    Any idea ball park on contract? I'm always curious for the UDFAs approx what they get.
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    Kene Nwangwu getting PAID, drafted 4th round

    Love that he's up high enough that they are investing in him. I just looked the estimate up on contract value and signing bonus: $4,232,798 , SB $752,798 Good for him....sticking it out, believing in himself/the team, encouraging Breece, etc.
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    The Stuff of Legend

    I was just thinking....what do you think they could get if they ordered one "fan" ring and auctioned it off?
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    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    Exactly. The best types of cool people are the ones that literally are just being themselves. He also seems to genuinely be someone that enjoys each day, kind to people, and see the best in folks.
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    Nest Wifi Router...Worth The Extra Cost?

    Same set up and am super happy. Immediately improved my signal and consistency of my wifi.
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    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    That car story...and tickets....that better not cost us a playoff spot this year, lol.
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    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    Yeah...when he was here didn't seem to say much and just did his thing on the field...would have LOVED more of this personality coming out 10 years ago, lol. I will say, a big kudos to him for being happy, living his life, and approaching it in what appears to be a pretty chill manner. I know...
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    Tom Manning a candidate for KU FB job

    AND at about an uphill first season! Like another poster said...I'd take this year's cyclones with Breece, Kolar, Brock, etc. and next year get a HC job at a school with a pulse.
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    This seems like an odd "bonus" part.of the advertisement. "Luka will be accompanied by his Father, Frank Garza."
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    Greg McElroy: 'Ludicrous' to call Iowa State football a top-four team

    I WANTED to say a higher score, lol....but the UNI/first game "slow start" "win on the last drive" demons I couldn't shake. :)
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    Greg McElroy: 'Ludicrous' to call Iowa State football a top-four team

    I've been thinking about expectations and I honestly want them to be motivated during lifting/spring ball....then hyper focused as fall hits. They are kids, so they'll see Twitter, GameDay, ESPN and all the chatter. I love our staff and their calm/expect to win attitudes and each week we will...