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  • Hey, yourself!! I'm actually in Denver for a sales convention - meeting started today, and will go through Tuesday (get back Tuesday night late). I'm sitting in a hotel room getting ready for bed, so I had to push the air waaaaay down, since there's no fan!
    I'm the exact same way!! I can't sleep unless it's sub-zero!! :yes: I'm like a little radiator when I sleep - I usually keep it warmer during the day, but I've got that fan going 365 days a year. Wow - that's a little scary, isn't it? :yes:
    I absolutely agree - I just went to the mall over lunch and wound up with a shirt. It was a discovery - you're right, it's just like an adventure!!! :yes: The biker vest kills me - that is awesome. I have no clue where you'd even get one!!
    I agree - this is a deal. I need the male input, too - for example, I tried on a dress this weekend and wasn't sure about how it looked. It's a whole different deal on how women look at clothes and how men do!!

    I'm a diligent shopper, so I would definitely keep you on the gameplan!! :wink: I always have a mission! (Of course, I screw around a lot, too...)
    I DEFINITELY should have headed down - that would have been a lot more relaxing than meetings and endless phone calls!!! Plus, a shopping buddy is so nice - I went and got a couple of shirts on Saturday, and could have used your opinion!! :yes:

    I love the Touch!! iTunes is my personal weakness. I just recently started going to goldenmp3.ru - it's a Russian site, so they only charge $.15/song.
    I don't think any of that is on your list!! :wink: What kind of iPod did you get? I should warn you that I'm an iPod freak - right now, I own my 3rd, 4th, and 5th iPods (a video, a Touch, and a video Nano). What kind of shoes??

    I would have made it down there, no matter how long it took!! :yes: That sounds waaaay better than how my Friday went.
    All in all, I don't mind it too much. There's quite a bit of golfing, hiking, biking, good eating places, etc. And since I'm a graduate student I've been able to go to a few sporting events on the cheap. The games can be entertaining at times, however, watching off-tackle repeatedly did get a bit old even with McFadden.

    In my office I am actually one of two ISU alums so at least I have some 'back-up'.
    So where in Arkansas are you Arkansas? I've been in Fayetteville for about a year, attempting to fend of all the "Hogs".
    I can think of at least six different people who I would want to ban from that thread. Nice forethought. :notworthy:
    Maybe next week we should start a thread on ALL kinds of "guilty pleasures" - I think that thing might get a little longer than 8 pages! :eek::wink: I think shoes count, right?

    Aw, it's just nice to know you tried. Why cheapen the rep you do give? :wink:
    Aw, you're a sweetheart, too. :yes: Isn't it a little odd that CF is actually promoting prostituting rep?? What else do we encourage around here??
    Well... not if you are looking at it relative to me? :wink: I think that nothing ties together a look like a good pair of shoes. Too bad more guys don't agree with you!
    I figured it almost sounded good... :yes: I will avoid jackets. How are you in the way of shoes?
    Ha - that would only be bad if you assume that the member is of a particular gender, right? :wink: Otherwise, maybe they LIKE to be told that they have an impressive bootie! Never hurts my feelings!
    I just googled it - what a gorgeous bike!! You need a much sleeker jacket to go with that bike, where I'm guessing you had a lot "tougher" jacket for the Harley? And, I think, new boots. Right??
    I love the fact that you can help me rationalize this. :wink: I don't think I'd be a good SA sponsor...

    Ooh, definitely new gear!! I think you have to match the gear to the bike, right? I think that's a rule, actually. :yes: Street bike?
    That's awesome!! And I'm guessing you match your shoes to your belts?? That is just the best thing ever - taste is a good thing. :yes: I used to keep track of what I wore every day so I could cycle through my clothes more fully - I realized it was a little too OCD, and stopped. :wink:

    I took a motorcycle course a couple of years ago - it was a BLAST, but I am fairly certain I will keep to riding on the back of bikes.
    We may be far too similar. :yes: I have so many clothes I forget about... Is that sad? I think it's sad. This Christmas In July thing is pure genius. We've got to set up a trip! :wink:
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