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    Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13

    Thats who should go. Not a very good reporter - loves the giggle and chit chat
  2. 6

    Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13

    Maybe management got tired of the giggle fest she and Erin had on the 5pm newscast whenever Ed said something
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    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    Anyone miss G McCord?
  4. 6

    MLB: ***2020 MLB Season Thread***

    Does anyone know if KXNO has stopped carrying StL Cardinal baseball?
  5. 6

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    Randy the Dandy wants to be the beat writer for Okiboji U
  6. 6

    College Football Season Death Pool

    Might as well get it over
  7. 6

    A Cyclone legend has passed away...

    RIP Tommy. You were the best
  8. 6

    New Uniforms Revealed

    Hard to believe MC an JP don’t like or evidently don’t want these uniform colors
  9. 6

    Jalen Coleman-Lands Commits to ISU

    Great recruit Hope he makes the same inbound pass against the hawks that Kane made
  10. 6

    New Uniforms Revealed

    Maybe he wants to be remembered as the coach that attempted to change the school colors
  11. 6

    New Uniforms Revealed

  12. 6

    New Uniforms Revealed

    I thought the Stapleton era uniforms looked good. It would be nice to see a good colored photo of the actual C&G worn back then
  13. 6

    10 Years Ago...

    That was great I wonder what that jerk is doing now
  14. 6

    Nicest Golf Course You’ve Played

    Played PGA a few years ago (no wind) and agree with your
  15. 6

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    I can remember a lot of people saying we will be fine once CSP gets his players