Iowa State to replace Hilton Coliseum video board

Iowa State Athletics Director Jamie Pollard announced Monday that Hilton Coliseum will have a new addition when the fall sports season rolls around.

Pollard, via social media, says that Hilton Coliseum is getting a new video board in the arena for the 2024-25 seasons.

The project was included as part of a previous plan for Iowa State to update its sound and video systems that the board of regents approved earlier this year, according to

However, along with the pause of the upgrades to the wrestling facility, Pollard said during a Tailgate Tour stop that some upgrades to Hilton Coliseum were also put on pause as the House vs. NCAA ruling loomed in the distance.

According to the report from RadioIowa, Iowa State planned on purchasing each of the video systems at the same time, because it allowed ‘them to recognize economies of scale by purchasing all the systems at once.’ However, there’s been no indication officially that other video systems or boards would be modified or replaced, yet.

The first sporting event set for Hilton Coliseum once classes resume will be Iowa State Volleyball’s home opener, although the full schedule has not yet been released.