NCAA board of governors votes to adopt settlement terms, schools to pay players

Update: The NCAA has officially agreed to settle in the case, and released a statement on the decision Thursday.

The NCAA board of governors voted Wednesday to agree to settlement terms in the House vs. NCAA court case going on, according to a report from The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach.

The result of the vote comes in wake of the impending result of the case, and would allow schools to pay athletes – though the terms have yet to be finalized.

The Big 12 Conference became the first of the leagues to vote on the matter Tuesday, unanimously agreeing to the settlement term like the NCAA, as other conferences are expected to follow.

The presumption is that, with the result, schools would undertake the responsibility of paying players in an agreed upon date in the near future.

Iowa State’s NIL collective, We Will, and executive director Brent Blum, has stated it will continue its efforts, giving the surplus money to Iowa State to absorb the budget reconstruction that athletic director Jamie Pollard mentioned at a Tailgate Tour stop earlier this month.

The expected amount that the schools will be allowed to give is reportedly around $20 million, although those terms still need to be agreed upon.

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