Did Iowa State football tease new uniforms on April Fools Day

It’s Monday, April 1 and Iowa State Football posted something peculiar to its social media accounts.

Obviously, it’s another April Fool’s Day on social media. Two or three companies or teams that you follow will have some pretty unique and entertaining jokes while the rest of your feeds are filled with faked headlines that do nothing but confuse half of the people that read them, only if its for a split second.

So when Iowa State posts a teaser of three, striped jerseys on the holiday, it’s going to draw some rightful skepticism from fans.

That goes without mentioning the fourth photo being a placeholder image of a photo that will not load – so is it just a joke?

It’s too early to tell.

However, I’d be remiss to not point out that the same stripe pattern appears on the Easter eggs in the graphic below, which was posted earlier Monday.

If these uniforms are indeed real, it would be the first substantial makeover/re-design since the Campbell era uniforms debuted in 2018.

We will have more updates to this story as information can be confirmed in the coming days.