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WBB: Cyclones fall to No. 5 Texas

Texas Longhorns guard Shaylee Gonzales (2) shoots a layup during the basketball game at the Moody Center on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024 in Austin. © Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK


Iowa State trimmed No. 5 Texas’ lead to five during the third quarter in Saturday’s 81-60 loss in Austin, but the Longhorns pulled away soon after that.

Texas freshman Madison Booker led the way for the Longhorns scoring 18 points and finishing with 10 assists.

“We found a lot of looks (in the) first half, and the third quarter,” freshman Addy Brown said. “(In the) fourth quarter, I think we just ran out of gas and honestly, that showed. So I think you know, when we play them again, hopefully in the tournament, it will be four quarters and we’ll have a game.”

Audi Crooks led the Cyclones with 24 points in the game, with 13 coming in the first half, but it wasn’t enough for Iowa State to pull out the win.

Texas ultimately won the rebounding battle 38-27 over the Cyclones, which contributed to the 23-9 advantage the Longhorns had on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter.

“That’s the challenge,” Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly said. “You have to make choices and we have two weeks to go, and we have four games to go. There’s still a lot to play for and the challenge of, if you can do it against a team like Texas, you should be able to do it against other teams. Rebounding at this level – in the women’s game – is all about, ‘want to,’ and when we wanted to do it, we were okay. We didn’t do a great job on the offensive board.”

Brown added 11 points, five rebounds and four assists in the game, while point guard Arianna Jackson sunk a pair of big 3-pointers and finished with nine points for her team.

“I think as we got a little tired and we were trying to defend, we didn’t go after the ball maybe like we could have or should have, but that that’s going to happen too,” Fennelly said. “But overall, the turnovers and the rebounding – we’re fine. They had a couple of big shots from the perimeter early that hurt. And then again, our inability to score when we had to… so they don’t go to score five or six (points) in a row and (take you out) of the game, but that’s a credit to them. They’re an outstanding team. And like I said their depth is amazing, they’re old they’re strong, they’re experienced, and they played like it today.”

The loss drops the team to 14-10 on the season and 8-6 in Big 12 play with four games remaining in the regular season.

Iowa State will return to the court to face Houston on the road on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN+.

Big 12 WBB Standings
As of games completed Feb. 17
1. Oklahoma 12-2
2. Texas 11-3
2. West Virginia 11-3
2. Kansas State 11-3
5. Iowa State 8-6
6. Kansas 7-6
6. Baylor 7-6
8. BYU 5-8
8. Texas Tech 5-8
10. Oklahoma State 5-9
11. Houston 4-10
11. Cincinnati 4-10
13. TCU 3-11
13. UCF 3-11

* – Kansas vs. BYU was in progress at the time this was published.