TRANSCRIPT: Matt Campbell previews Texas Tech on the Big 12 Teleconference

Oct 12, 2019; Morgantown, WV, USA; Iowa State Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell attempts to call a timeout during the second quarter against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The following is a transcript of Matt Campbell’s appearance on the Monday, Oct. 14, 2019, edition of the Big 12 Teleconference.

Q: I know you said on Saturday you thought the o-line pass protected really well. It seemed like even on the sacks, Brock had time. What did you see there? Were those coverages sacks or, I think, Brock (Purdy) has even talked about feeling like there are times where he needs to check down?

Campbell: Yeah, I just think a little bit of both. West Virginia had some good coverage on those and the finding that safety valve, whether he got moved off the spot or just finding that is something that’s a growth pattern for Brock. I think it was a little bit of both. All things that I do agree with you. He had enough time to make a play and whether the play was there to make, it was kind of a little bit of both.

Q: What did (Breece) Hall have to do to earn the trust and playing time to become the primary ball carrier?

Campbell: You know, I think it’s no different than any other young player. I just think the consistency of, especially in a backfield where there’s a lot of competition and really has been since fall camp. I think the neat thing for Breece is you see him really growing and earning the right to play good and earning the right to get positive reps. That’s kind of really what happened last week. I just think for a young player, it’s continuing to earn the right to do that in practice in how you study and how you prepare and continuing to gain the trust of your teammates and your coaches.

Q: Two weeks ago or so, Texas Tech looked like they were sort of floundering. Since then, they’ve beaten Oklahoma State rather soundly then went to overtime in Waco with Baylor. What do you make of this team? What are they doing differently? What kind of squad does Matt Wells have?

Campbell: Well, I think, No. 1, I had a lot of respect for Matt coming into the conference after watching what he did at Utah State. The first thing when you turn the video on is their kids play really hard. Defensively, they run to the football. Obviously, a veteran defense coming back from last year and then putting a really good scheme around it. I think the kids understand it and they’re running really hard to the football. Offensively, anytime you have two really good quarterbacks coming back like they do and then, the same thing, putting those two really good quarterbacks in situations to be successful, I think Matt’s done a really good job of that. It also helps to have some really good players to come in on. You can tell the culture’s growing and the kids believe in Coach Wells.

Q: Does (Jett) Duffey, he’s not really a traditional Tech quarterback or not at all like Alan Bowman, how much trouble does he offer teams with his ability to move?

Campbell: I think we know in this conference there’s been a lot of really good dual-threat quarterbacks. I think Jett certainly does that. He threatens the pass protection every time he catches the snap and they drop back, but he’s also got a good enough arm and he’s got this great ability and is showing more and more consistency, to be quite honest with you, to make the big throws in the passing game. I think he’s really grown into a special quarterback.

Q: We all know how important Greg Eisworth is to your defense, but how did you feel like some of the depth showed up when you watched the game back on film and what they were able to offer you guys?

Campbell: Obviously, Greg’s a great player, but I think one of the things that we know is over the last two years, boy, Braxton Lewis has been probably just as important to this defense. Braxton being hurt in the early part of the season, we kind of missed him. It’s been really good to get Braxton back and allowing him to settle into a home, to be honest with you. I thought he did an incredible job in the game. I thought those guys at the field safety position played really well. They’re better each week. You’re starting to see (Justin) Bickham really getting comfortable playing the field safety spot. Lawrence White has been a little bit of the unsung hero at that boundary safety position for our defense this season. More than anything, I’m really, really happy for Braxton to be healthy again and playing great football. It’s really critical to have a guy who can go in there in such an integral role and do a great job for us.

Q: I know after the game you were optimistic about not only Eisworth but Vance as well for the upcoming week. Is there anything specific you need to see through these first few days in practice to make sure they would be ready to go for Texas Tech?

Campbell: No, I really think just literally getting back on the practice field. Like I said, Greg was able to do some things at the end of last week. I think with O’Rien we’ll find out today as we go out to practice kind of where he’s at. He certainly seemed in a lot better spirits on Sunday. Both guys are probably questionable and we’ll find out as the week goes, but we’re certainly optimistic.

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