COMMIT ANALYSIS: Mercedus Leech is a high upside prospect to tip off the 2019 class

It was months ago when news that Iowa State was involved with Mercedus Leech started to surface. On Wednesday morning, the long process finally concluded with a commitment, Iowa State’s first for its class of 2019.

Leech, listed at 6-foot-5, 170-pounds currently lives in Jonesboro, Ark. and has coming off of a rough past when it comes to basketball. He was once considered to be a top 50 recruit in the country before suffering a nasty leg break last summer. That’s when many of the top schools in the country who were recruiting him fell off. Iowa State did not.

Iowa State’s coaching staff intently watched Leech, who now has a clean bill of health, compete at an AAU tournament in St. Louis over the weekend.

Scouting report: He’s a long, 6-foot-5 who can shoot the basketball. Leech is known for this high motor and long wingspan. He’s skinny and a Big 12 weight program will do him a lot of good. This is a high upside commitment from Iowa State.

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