MONDAY MUSINGS: A sneaky win for Iowa State; also recapping a crazy recruiting weekend

As the publisher of this website, allow me to apologize for not making a bigger deal out of this when it happened. The whole ‘freshmen can now play four games’ rule that was unveiled a few weeks ago will end up being a massive win for Iowa State. 

For decades, the biggest issue facing Iowa State football has been depth. Iowa State usually has starters capable of competing in the Big 12. When those guys start dropping due to injury is when the Cyclones have generally begun to struggle. 

Sure, everybody will be able to play their freshmen four games now – so others will benefit as well. However, realize that the blue bloods are already playing the majority of their stud freshmen while at a developmental program like Iowa State, it has always paid to sit them out.

I compare this to a boost in Big 12 revenue when it comes to facilities. An extra $10 million helps Iowa State more than it does Texas. What more can Texas do? Add PS4’s to the cross country team’s showers? 

At the very least, the four games will serve as a carrot to dangle in front of rookies. I’ve never been in the situation before, but human nature tells me that a 19-year old will be more locked in if he knew there is a chance to actually play as opposed to knowing have had to sit for a full year. 

Freshmen class looks great so far…what I’m hearing…

PURDY: He has only been on campus a few weeks but two sources told me over the weekend that freshman quarterback Brock Purdy looks to be the real deal. Iowa State has been impressed by not only his work ethic, but physical ability. I’ll add that in my years doing this, coaches generally have been able to tell in the first few weeks if a guy has “it.” Early commentary on Purdy’s game believe that he does. 

UP FRONT: The staff has also been excited by what it has seen from offensive linemen Trevor Downing and Joey Ramos. One source told me that Downing is already one of the best 8-9 linemen on the roster. Keep the new four-game rule in mind here … if the Cyclones are banged up in November, couldn’t these two spelling the veterans 10-15 snaps a game help beat Bill Snyder in the regular season finale? 

POSITION WIN: Apparently the entire crop of wide receivers that Iowa State signed in 2018 looks  solid early. I’m told that Sean Shaw, a 6-foot-6, 200-pound freshman out of Oklahoma, has a chance to play early. The names Joseph Scates and Tayvonn Kyle have popped early on as well. 

 PREDICTION: Defensive end Zach Petersen out of Long Grove, Iowa is a future star. 

Analysis on the recent flurry of football commits 

On 2020 QB Aidan Bouman…

He’s the son of former Minnesota Vikings reserve quarterback Todd Bouman. Todd, who was on an NFL roster from 1997-2010, is now the head coach at Buffalo Senior in Minnesota, where Aiden plays. Aiden had a great camp at Iowa State a few weeks ago and a 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, has a heck of a frame to grow into before suiting up for Iowa State. 

On Florida linebacker Aric Horne…

Out of Raines high school in Jacksonville, this 6-foot-1, 210-pound outside linebacker committed out of the same school as the Bailey twins. Considering both of them have had great experiences in Ames so far under the leadership of Matt Campbell, look for this to be a potential pipeline for Iowa State going forward. 

On offensive lineman Darrell Simmons…

The 6-foot-3, 280-pound guard out of East St. Louis is a virtual unknown in recruiting circles. It’s another story of a young man camping very well at Iowa State, earning an early offer and wanting to get the recruiting process over in a hurry. Simmons’ 6-foo-7 wingspan stands out as a huge plus. 

On ATH DK Blaylock…

Another under the radar kid … at 6-foot-5, 170-pounds, Blaylock has future wide receiver written all over him. 

On ATH Leonard Glass…

At 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, he could be a defensive back. Could be a wide receiver. Could be a little running back too that moves around within the offense. Nonetheless, Iowa State scored on the west coast once again with this versatile prospect.