PREDICTIONS: Iowa State at Oklahoma

What: Iowa State (2-2, 0-1) at No. 3 Oklahoma (4-0, 1-0)
When: Saturday, 11:00 a.m.

Chris Williams, Cyclone Fanatic Publisher

At this point in the week we have all heard the rumors. I’m just not feeling it, but I do think that Iowa State will take the air out of the ball, which should keep this to a relatively low scoring game.

The Pick: Oklahoma 34, Iowa State 13

Brent Blum Cyclone Fanatic Columnist 

In order for Iowa State to make this a game in the 4th quarter, they need to employ the K-State method and remove as many possessions as possible. Run the ball, drain the clock and keep the Oklahoma offense off the field. I think they can have some success doing this, but OU is so dominant.

The Pick: Oklahoma 37 Iowa State 14

Jared Stansbury, Cyclone Fanatic Staff Writer

I felt better about this game earlier in the week, but the more I’ve thought about the OU offense, the more worried I am. I wouldn’t be surprised to see John Heacock’s defense slow (in relative terms) Mayfield and Co. for a quarter or so, but they’ll run away and hide in the second half.

The Pick: Oklahoma 56, Iowa State 21

Rob Gray, Cyclone Fanatic Staff Writer

This historically lopsided series likely won’t diverge from its ugly pattern, but I do expect ISU’s offense to rebound somewhat. Defense gets after Mayfield a bit but big plays abound for the Sooners.
The Pick: OU 42, ISU 24

Jeff Woody, Cyclone Fanatic Analyst 

This one’s big. ISU doesn’t match up all that poorly against OU, believe it or not (as long as Kamari stays healthy for all 4 quarters *actively knocks on wood*). The ISU defense is going to have their hands full for sure, but they’ve been consistently improving. If ISU’s offense can prove last week was an aberration, they have a real shot to make this a game. If not, the defense is going to be on the field a lot and the dam will break eventually. It’s either going to be inside of 11 or outside of 25, it doesn’t feel like there’s going to be much chance for middle ground.

The Pick: OU 38 – ISU 27

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Cyclone Fanatic Contributor

Bob Stoops is gone, but this game will embody the “not great, Bob” GIF for Iowa State. Thank goodness ISU plays conference punching bag Kansas next week.
THE PICK: Oklahoma 49, Iowa State 17

Kirk Haaland, Cyclone Fanatic Contributor 

Iowa State last beat Oklahoma in 1990 (the last win over the Sooners prior to that was in 1961!!) by a score of 33-31 in Norman. In the 18 games between the two teams since the 1990 Cyclone victory, the Sooners have out-gained Iowa State by 231 yards per game and a total of 2.36 miles while outscoring ISU by 459 points, or 25.5 points per game.
None of that technically influences this game, but I fear the results will likely be the same and the CFB Analytics predictions basically agree…

THE PICK: Oklahoma 47, Iowa State 26