First look: Iowa State’s pre-camp depth chart

FRISCO, Texas — Every year when I take my first look at Iowa State’s pre-camp depth chart, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Except I know Santa is essentially messing with me. I’ve learned over the years that depth charts are actually pretty pointless. Doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting though.

Defensively, this one is.

A few quick notes that stood out…

Marcel Spears, a 6-foot-1, 215-pound sophomore, is listed as a starting linebacker notably over veteran Reggan Northrup.

Matt Leo, the massive 6-foot-7, 276-pound JUCO transfer, is listed as a second-string defensive tackle. He came in as a defensive end. Interesting.

The offensive line… Jake Campos is back at LT. Then you’ve got Bryce Meeker, a sophomore, over at RT. Iowa Western Community College transfer Josh Knipfel is a second-string guard.

More thoughts coming later today from the “Big D.” Gonna be a busy one.